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By Sadia Zafar in Wickked! - On

A punctuation mark is the difference between a family man and a cannibal. It is the difference between:
Let’s eat, Mother.
Let’s eat Mother.


Comma :

When it is not saving lives, the comma is endangering them. It is not used much except maybe to write: The doctor has some terrible news. Our friend has slipped into a , .

Colon :

See those two dots after the word colon? That’s a colon. It is used to denote the eyes in a smiley, the hard drives in a computer, and on the rare occasion to introduce a list or a thought.

Semicolon :

Few people have ventured into the further reaches of grammar to be able to understand the use of the semicolon beyond that of winking while flirting online. If there was an army of punctuation marks ranked according to their strength of marking the end of the enemy sentence, the comma would be a lowly sepoy, the semicolon a mid-ranking officer, and the full stop the commander-in-chief.


Exclamation mark :  

Who says people have become jaded? If exclamation marks are anything to go by, it doesn’t take a lot to excite people any more. In fact, they are so wowed by their ability to string a sentence together that they reward themselves by putting an exclamation mark at the end. It’s a lot like laughing at your own jokes, really.


Question mark :

The question mark has risen above its ascribed status in life. It is no longer just a punctuation mark; it is a word in itself.


Brackets :

All the trivial information that you know nobody gives two hoots about yet you feel responsible for sharing with the readers goes into the garbage bin of the sentence: the brackets (alternatively known as parentheses).


Apostrophe :

It is that punctuation mark which has absolutely no business in train ads such as: Good New’s! Get Colour PAN Card.


Ellipsis :

There are three things one should remember about the ellipsis: a dot, a dot, and a dot. That’s it; no more, no less.


Full stop :

It is used to denote the end of things, like this article.

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