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Current line-up :

  1. Anthony Kiedis
  2. Michael "Flea" Balzary
  3. Chad Smith
  4. Josh Klinghoffer

You know your band is bat-shit insane when your signature style is wearing socks on your genitals and rocking the holy be-Jesus out of the world. That’s RHCP for you. Formed in 1983 in L.A (where else?) by best friends Anthony and Flea, this punk/funk rock band has weathered several storms to become one of the biggest bands on the planet. And after their induction into the Rock and Roll of Fame (finally) they plan to continue rocking till they grow old and senile (though Flea probably already is).

Unlike other bands which sit down like sane mature adults and carefully work on their music in a posh studio, RHCP are legendary for their impromptu jam sessions wherein the unleash a torrent of musical genius till they stumble on to find something to their liking. Combined, they are arguably the most musically talented group alive. But boy, did they struggle to get to this place. Hilel Slovak, their original guitarist was almost destined for greatness but died of a drug overdose. The drummer was called Jack Irons and was also part of Pearl Jam but he soon left them. Yet, nothing stopped these guys, back in the day playing their unique combination of rap with fast funk beats, ruled the L.A. club scene.

The Peeps

Anthony Kiedis

Think of the craziest rock fantasies you’ve ever had, and this man has lived them all. Anthony or ‘Antoine the Swan’ as this crazy bastard was known as in his wild L.A party hopping days, is quite simply what every band looks for in a front man. Criminally charismatic, infamously cunning and witty, and an excellent lyricist and vocalist as well, Kiedis had an ‘unconventional’ childhood to say the least. His autobiography is mostly about him snorting coke, heroin or banging the crème de la crème of women on the planet. He’s come a long way from his outrageous past, but that manic energy is still present. Give his autobiography “Scar Tissue’ a read, trust me, you’ll be in awe of how this man lives his life to the fullest.



Bass players are usually a quiet lot. Not this guy. Slapping his bass like a man possessed, Flea dominates RHCP’s music like few other bassists get to. His bass lines are almost like the signature of their music. Besides dyeing his hair purple, performing on stage buck naked and so on, he also acts in movies and had a cameo in ‘The Big Lebowski’. The only way to be any cooler is to be married to a Victoria’s Secret model. Oh wait, he is.



John Frusciante

Yes, I know he isn’t a part of the band any more. But how could I leave him out? This man is the greatest guitarist of our generation. He is the epitome of the true rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Drugs, sex, and some more drugs nearly killed this guy. Found near dead with his jaw hanging off and no teeth, this guy fought back his demons and went on to create some extraordinary music. Shy and dorky in real life, sex god on stage. His extreme distaste for media attention and obsession with music often clashed with the today’s trend of mass-produced, sappy pop music. He left all of the fame, money and awards to seek his own path in his solo career. This guy well and truly, doesn’t give a f**k.





One of the most under-rated RHCP tracks, and an absolutely breathtaking performance.


John Frusciante at his very best.


A typical RHCP interview. Blazzed out of their minds and completely bonkers.


Does a music video get better than this? The ‘Dani’ in this video refers to a fictional girl mentioned in quite a few of their songs, and she finally dies in this one.


Lyrics from a poem, Kiedis wrote, after he pretended to be married to a Mexican gangster’s sister to get some drugs which he consumed under a derelict bridge in L.A with thieves, murders and other junkies around. Yeah, that actually happened.

Gone are the drunken orgies and wild parties. They don’t jump off of buildings into swimming pools, or escape from rehab, or watch porn while making music any more. Or maybe they do and just hide it better. Who knows? All I know is, if they ever come to India, I’ll sell my kidney to get tickets.

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