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Didn’t you want to just stab Rebecca Black when you first saw Friday? Or wait, are you one of those who saw the actual video after friends made you watch some 40 odd spoofs of this magnificent piece of crap? Either way, praise the lord for manufacturing just those few weird-ass samples who volunteer to make possible for you those ridiculously hilarious moments when you don’t if it’s your left hand or right, all you want to do is punch that c**t’s face!

But that was ages ago. Why grumble about it now you ask.

Because if you thought Black was the only one with that mental dysfunction, here comes the ‘hot’ duo that’ll make you want to whackk the shit outta them!

You say it, we do it.

Check this out –
“Hot girls we have problems, too. We’re just like you, except we’re hot!”
No no, don’t die already!

Please to check the video yourself to be able to relate to the mental trauma I’m going through right now.
The video, with two quintessential blonde LA teens whining about the trials and tribulations of ‘hot girls’ like them (*coughs and dies*) had 361,214 dislikes at the time this god-sent saviour of yours was suffering with the most inexplicable pain of her life.

Then why did I watch it till the end?

Cause sometimes you have to swallow down that really reallyy bad bite of food to be able to puke it out and pledge never to have it again.

Now because we like you, at least that’s what we’d like you to believe, we shall give you some simple tips on how to survive through this disaster.

So tie your seatbelts and pull down those oxygen masks, cause escaping the wrath of this ‘Double Take’ is gonna be bloody difficult this point onwards!

Tip #1 – Be prepared. Make sure you have watched the Black video (don’t be racist, I mean Friday) before you set out on this adventure. It will give your mind the sufficient dose of immunity required.

Tip #2 – Accept the truth. Words lose their original meaning in such videos. Do NOT expect any tinge of ‘hot’ness here, even remotely.

Tip #3 - Take precautions. Keep away all kinds of sharp objects to prevent yourself from getting hurt by the person sitting next to you while watching the video.

Tip #4 – Only PCs please. Unless you are the hulk who can throw a computer down from the 9th floor of your building to get rid of this torture, do not watch it on your laptops, iPods, cellphones or other portable gadgets, if they are dear to you.

And finally,
Tip #5 – Watch it anyway. If you want to tell your kids the story of How I Met the Disaster, called Black and the Double Take, you must give into the temptation right away. And if you are following the tips in order, you won’t regret it... well, that much at least!

Trust me. Every tip has been formulated meticulously (drawing attention to the intensity of the situation) after inflicting torture on oneself only to save you from the possible consequences of this calamity.

The twosome is looking for prom dates btw, interested anyone? 



This space said 'teetotaler' before. My bad. Needs inspiration in life. So bad.

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