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By Sonia Thomas in Tekk That! - On

Sometimes, you scroll down my Facebook home page and stare at what people have been upto. Apart from the usual fraaandships, you find other friends. Friends you do not even talk to anymore. You all have those people on your friend lists, don’t you? People you used to know, but don’t anymore.

Think about it. Your lives have become a sick cycles that looks a little like this.

1. Check phone
2. Check Facebook
3. Check Twitter
4. Check E-mail
5. Repeat (more often, when bored)

“But, it’s so much easier on Facebook, ya”
Let me make my stand on Facebook clear. I used to be an addict before I took a break. That’s when I realised how much it is just like High School. As you walk through the corridors, you meet the same people that you don’t know or don’t care about, except for your friends. Everyone is seeking attention because this is the only place they might be worth something. The rest are remembered only when it is their birthday, so that you could get a chocolate, maybe? Of course you still talk about them because it is fodder for gossip.

Facebook has caused lower self esteems with profile pictures and making people feel like they need to prove they have real lives. Twitter has become the dumping ground for 140 character rants for people who think they’re getting away with everything they say.

As for our phones, do you realise how it enslaves you? Every second counts after you have hit “send” right? Because, you need to receive the reply as soon as you sent it. You say it is to connect yourself with the world, but you cannot even connect yourself with what’s immediately around you. Like that door you’re about to crash in, to begin with.

Face it. When was the last time you really waited for someone to reply? There is no anticipation, just impatient trolls thinking everyone hates you because they never replied. There are more advertisements, more people and more noise about people getting closer and more connected, but when was the last time you really asked someone how they were? Or even sent an e-mail... just because? 

There was the time when you wrote elaborate letters because you wanted elaborate replies. When distance did make the heart grow fonder because you had time to let things happen. When breaking up over text is a reality. Now, all we want is undivided attention in a world where everyone’s distracted by other social networking. Or maybe, even *gasp* real life.

I don’t know what’s the best solution to it. Maybe, I will put up a poll on Facebook or ask my followers on Twitter?

Meh. If you can’t beat them, join them.