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Writing for Whackk! during lectures gives some really cheap thrills. Like now, the prof’s trying his best to drill some machining sense into my head. He thinks I’m jotting down every weird process he’s conjuring. Well, only you know about this top secret stuff now, you lucky pup!

Even while sitting in this class-room I can practically see cartoon style ‘speech balloons floating over everyone’s head. They spell ‘general/SC/ST/OBC/female’. Call me narrow minded if you will, but the balloon still floats. And if you’re in a college (more so if you’re general category) then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

No, no don’t worry! I’m not going to set off on an angry rant over here about how sucky these reservations are and give you a zillion reasons. I’m gonna give you something to rejoice about. You’ll love me for this piece of info. I promise. Arre, pakka promise. Fine, I give you the pink lil finger promise. Oh yeah, pansy is so in!

The current quota percentage stands at 49.5%. That’s SC/ST/OBC. According to a Supreme Court ruling, quotas cannot exceed the 50% mark. Fair enough, I say! But hey, the court only follows the constitutional law. And when it comes to our beloved politicians, laws are meant to be broken, twisted and manipulated (read amended) only to make my life sweeter than it already is. A new committee for the ‘Economically Backward Classes (EBC)’ did their thing and suggested that the EBC should get reservations at educational and job levels.

What is EBC?

Well, EBC basically means, ‘Be scared, be very scared!’.EBC in short is meant for people below the poverty line. Those below a defined level of daily income/taxes, irrespective of their cast/creed/religion. A total of 6 crore people were evaluated to come under EBC. Stop counting son, it’s a bigger number than 100. So, if the EBC quota comes into action that’s another 8-10% reservation.

But isn’t 49.5+10 greater than 50?
Indeed it is. That’s how our parliamentary sages come into the picture. They’re more than willing to amend the current 50% quota limit to include this quota for EBCs. That’ll increase their vote bank. Satisfy 6 crore Indians. GLEE!



EBC isn’t such a bad idea. Not at all. But then why not scrap every other quota and make only EBC legit. Simply because it makes maximum sense and does not divide us on any other basis. *Sigh* that wont happen soon. Who’d want to upset their SC/ST/OBC vote banks?!

So, in the end, the netas are happy. The SCs/STs/OBCs are happy. The EBC are ecstasic. What about me huh? Does anyone care? Oh wait, is that a burger……


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