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A perfect man, they say, only exists in the wishful realm of Disney universes and wet dreams. However, there are a few who manage to transcend mediocrity and pleasantly surprise us. They make us grab on to the wispy tail of hope and believe that there’s still hope left for mankind and its reproduction.

Peachy right?


One fine day those perfect man hunks tell you that they’re actually into other perfect man hunks! All you can do is spiral into a depressing pit of self pity and comfort food and wish that in future they would keep it to themselves.

Below are 5 men who should not be gay:

Man hunk #1 : Neil Patrick Harris a.k.a Barney Stinson

Legen.. wait for it ….

How I Met Your Mother’s ultimate womanizer, Neil Patrick Harris, in 2006, publicly acknowledged that he was gay and happy with David Burtka (seen as Lily’s ex-boyfriend Scooder in How I Met Your Mother). It is said, when he came out, women around the world collectively quailed. Some embraced lesbianism claiming there was no hope left in men, some took up Buddhism claiming there was no hope left in the world and some still hope that it’s just a midlife crises.

…dary !



Man Hunk #2 : Matt Bomer a.k.a Neal Caffrey

This blue eyed dapper conman from White Collar has been rumored to have joined the broke-back brigade. When asked about it he said “I don’t care about that at all. I’m completely happy and fulfilled in my personal life.”

Nice Matt, leave us hanging in the worst possible way!



Man hunk #3: George Michael

I loved him, I swear I did. I even believed that the songs he wrote for Wham!, in pink flashy pants, were for women. But then he went ahead and carelessly whispered into Men!

But I still love him. I swear I do.



Man Hunk #4 : MIKA

Now I know he’s not a conventional choice, what with the voice, slacks and lack of packs. But when he croons, he croons good. He says in one of his interviews, "I've never ever labeled myself. But having said that; I've never limited my life, I've never limited who I sleep with... Call me whatever you want. Call me bisexual, if you need a term for me"

Well then. There’s still hope with this one.


And finally...


Man Hunk #5 : Ian McKellen

This is just UNFAIR, ok. Ian is a living proof of how the gays have got all the good men. They got Gandalf!


Mahima Mathur

Im a bored coffee slugging cynic, who wants to be a wishy washy green tea sipping believer.

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