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If you haven’t been shaken up by what the government has been doing with your money for the last few years then these are the possibilities :

a) You are a Delhi-ite, chilling out in your uppity circles with strong political connections and a filthy rich dad. (yes, we love taking digs at Delhiites)

b) You’ve been smoking up a lot.

Either way, you have been made to believe that the world is a picture perfect place, or you just couldn’t care less.

The other type, the one which has been affected, now calls itself ‘Anna’ ( I am Anna).

Such was the frustration in people’s minds that it took one guy with a very questionable idea to erupt a volcano of support. One ray of hope with one call and the unsuspecting public, showered him with their love and blind trust. The youth showed its strength in numbers and its judgement on social networking sites.

So we thought, let us bring together 4 different individuals, with four different opinions of the Jan-Lokpal Bill and the Anna movement. Four different voices of the youth. What started out as an experiment yielded a beautiful result. The real, honest views of four people just like you and us. Witness the spectrum of thoughts :



The Ignorant View

For those who might have been too busy ‘supporting the cause’ and hence might have missed the point: I am NOT Anna. I am Priyam Saha.

I don’t get it. With all due respect to the elderly, it’s a little sad and equally amusing to see a teeth-less old man claiming to ‘fast unto death’, lest his bill is passed; or some such. Well, I am not particularly proud of it (neither am I ashamed), but the source of all my Anna information is good ol’ friends’ statuses on good ol’ Facebook. In my defense, I have been rather busy these past weeks when the whole drama was taking place. And did I mention how I have been keeping really busy? Well, from my little understanding of the matter, which is no more than yours (oh yes! I just subtly called you unaware!), this entire blackmailing approach is a tad bit too old and unethical too, if I may say so myself. Anyway, I hear the bill (whose content no one has any idea about) has been passed now, so turns out blackmailing is the way to go. And when I contemplate the same for my wants of the material kind, it’s the same old: main karun toh sa** character dheela hai…

Of course, this has proven golden for our B-C Graders of the film industry, with a certain small time ‘actor’ claiming to dance naked if Anna’s bill isn’t passed.

Wow! Got to love democracy.

- Priyam Saha

The I am Anna Hazare View

What happens when a truck load of people mar your morning/afternoon nap with a throaty, rib-crackling, microphone enhanced cacophony (you know they are saying something important but the microphone quality just doesn’t help)? What happens when your ‘death metal infested, punk-worshipping’ fellow mates unmistakably start to sound like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose? What happens when a popular beauty pageant does a ‘Gandhi Cap’?

The point is, what really happens?

Indeed, the ANNA happens.

That, my friend, is change. Talking of change, when was the last time the Dabbawallah inc. went on a strike? Yes, they never did in their 120 year old history even during floods or blasts. But then, just recently, they did take a day off and hit the streets (clad in dhols, foghorns and singing marathi bhajans), all for the support and for the change this fragile old man, who by the way lost like 8kgs(!), is determined to bring.

Keep your doubts, qualms, misgivings about the man and the probable flaws of the Bill aside for a moment and just feel the tremendous tides of change making its way. Riveting, eh? Agreed, the future is still wrapped up in lot of uncertainties and controversies but one solid good thing that I can be certain of is that now the Youth knows stuff.

It happened : we are finally concerned.

And oh finally the search engines stopped displaying Anna Kournikova when sought for ‘Anna’. Phew.

- Geetashree Hazarika

The Anti-Anna View 

Anna Hazare is the face on every news channel and the whole of India has come to a standstill as the public stands by the man in support of his anti-corruption bill. But is Anna Hazare the hero that he is being made out to be and just how democratic are his efforts?

I am against corruption and would like nothing better than a non-corrupt India, and it’s good to see someone take a stand on the issue, but what I dislike about the Anna Hazare movement is the various means employed by him. Anna Hazare is fasting and with the support of the general public (half of them who have no idea what is happening) and the media (who just want to improve their TV ratings) has the entire country up in revolt against itself.

Anna’s movement might be peaceful however holding the government ransom and blackmailing and exhorting the Indian government in the name of a good cause is undemocratic. Anna’s team has kidnapped the entire democratic system of India as they stand adamantly that only the Jan Lokpal version of the bill should be passed. Fasting and continuing to protest till every whims and fancies is satisfied is what a 4 year child does, not a grown man! Also the Jan Lokpal bill is faulted hugely and gives extreme amount of powers in the hands of the few which is detrimental to democracy. This is not to say that the other two versions are faultless, but a compromise has to be struck.

I think it’s time that Anna Hazare and his team mature and accept that starving yourself and threatening the government is not exactly the sane path for any country’s bright future.

- Christopher David

The Cynical About All This View

Old dude fasts. Blackmails government. People support him.

Old dude gets his way. People rejoice!

Sounds like a scene straight out of the freedom movement, right? Except, this isn’t the freedom movement. The government isn’t a diabolical group of foreigners bent on raping and burning the

country. That is not to say that it isn’t made up of some royally screwed-up-in-the-head people.

What the Jan Lokpal bill attempts to do is create another body, consisting of eminent people selected by a supposedly transparent process. No problem with that.

Except, why would you want to create a separate administrative body and along with it, more red tape? You give them enough power to prosecute anyone, even the Prime Minister - making that body more powerful than everyone else and in effect more susceptible to corruption?!

Although it is extremely unfashionable right now to be pro-government, I have to agree with our PM when he says there is no magic wand to make corruption disappear.

Anna might have highlighted and given the issue of corruption the importance it deserves, but blackmailing the government to create another powerful body to police the corrupt just does not make sense. Not to me.

- Vivek Ranjan

The Whackk Team


Once upon a time there was a V.R

once upon a time there was a K.T

They were extremely jobless and weird

So to sound cool and all in front of the world they created WHACKK!

And thus was formed the whackk team!

And so ends tonight's bedtime story!

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