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When he goes “I am not a writer but a story-teller’, he is not kidding. If you are reading the book with a literary outlook you will be disappointed, because that is not the point anyway. As the author takes you through his true life account garnished with optimum Bollywood-ish drama-shama (entertaining as hell, indeed) you get tad bit reluctant to put it down. The improbable ‘board-meetings-track-pants-with-chappals’ combo is going to be the next big thing: a thought that nags me.


This is a story that the guy lazing on the sofa can relate to and can claim of going through the build-up process, but of course, not bringing himself to actually do it. Varun Agarwal tells you how and with lot of stud-ness. Yes, he is funny too!
It is not all about the laughs, the footnotes in italics are invaluable business tips. What is even interesting? They are all very commonplace, which are generally overlooked conveniently by many. 

One thing that the book made possible for me is tolerating the chaotic Kitty parties, infinitely. As Varun says they are lot to garner information from. Glamourizing bargaining skills of Indian aunties is a first. From critics to common public browsing through the book while waiting for the arrival of their flight everyone speak of it with a gentle smile. ‘Interesting guy,’ they would murmur. I would know this since I have been keeping a track of this novel for sometime. 

And there is the girl too, to complete the package. Is she impressed with the suavity of the entrepreneurial Varun? Find out yourself!

Eaten the whole of it while hopping flights, my time was fruitfully spent. Informative, entertaining, funny, I wait for his next work eagerly.

Recommended for all engineering, non-engineering janta, and the ones trapped inside the man-holes too. This one may inspire you.


Synopsis of How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company:

Twenty-something Varun is in a fix: he shuns the corporate rat race and dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Armed with an unwanted engineering degree, his hours are filled with friends, pub-hopping, and ‘stalking’ the girl he loves on Facebook.But when the formidable Anu Aunty enters his life, his languorous existence spirals out of control. She tries steering the course of Varun’s destiny by scheming to bring him on ‘track’. His mother turns on the Bollywood histrionics and drags him to a counsellor. Feeling cornered, Varun hatches a strategy to hoodwink the canny aunty at her own game. But as the chase heats up, who will have the last word? Will Anu Aunty thwart his plans to full-fill his dreams? Or will he succeed? Along the way, Varun learns his best business lessons from kitty parties and the ubiquitous Indian aunty.  

Geetashree Hazarika

stoned, crazy, insanely merry, laughs at about anything. not me, the santa, in the picture. I vent my rants here: and do some more here:!/GHz_lurker

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