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For the record, Sidney Sheldon is a GUY and the creator of the incredible ‘I dream of Jeannie’ T.V. series. Now that we are past that little bite of trivia let’s look at the four of his books you must read.

1. Rage of Angels

If sexy lawyer beating all odds to become the best in her profession doesn’t sound exciting, then I don’t know what will. The story starts from a novice lawyer in the U.S. named Jennifer (who is also extremely gorgeous apart from being witty, typical of Sidney Sheldon) with the passion to make it big. But, she unknowingly becomes a pawn in the mafia’s game and narrowly escapes conviction. Her career seems to end before it starts. Until she fights an almost lost case and wins the attention of the lawyer fraternity.  Thereafter, there is no stopping Jennifer. Her ingenious ways of fighting cases, be it borderline unethical, are really awe inspiring to the reader. Not only that, this lady romances both the Angel (the soon to be President Adam) and the Devil (the irresistibly handsome Michael- the mafia boss) at different times. The character is beautifully built in front of the reader wherein she suffers and fights. But, alas the story ends on a neutral note. The readers are left craving for more, though the story does not disappoint one bit.

Sidney Sheldon researched a lot of lawyer antics before penning down Rage of Angels and that is why it has the number one spot.

2. The Sands of Time

Four nuns escaping through war-torn Spain (the Basques vs. the Government), each with her own personal issues and agenda is the crux of this book. This one is different than the rest of Sheldon’s books as it has four female protagonists as compared to other books where it is usually one. The story starts with an attack by Colonel Acoca of the Spanish Army on the Cistercian Convent in a small Spanish town, who is looking for the Basque rebel Jaime Miró. Luckily four nuns escape; Lucia, Teresa, Megan and Graciela in the town and are taken up by Miro and his men for protection. Since these nuns have been in hidden away for so long (except for Lucia who was a convict and was living in the Covent for protection from authorities) each has to face her demons which include a terrible betrayal, falling in love, the love for God and greed.

The book follows each story beautifully with each nun realising his or her destiny in the final chapters. Mentally unstable Teresa’s story ends in tragedy with Acoca’s men finding her and killing her. The breath taking Graciela realizes that her love for one of Miro’s men is illusionary and goes back to loving god in a Convent. Witty Megan falls in love with Miro and they become a couple. Clever Lucia falls in love with another Basque rebel and lets go of her selfish nature to be able to love truly.

3. Angel of the Dark

This book, extrapolated by Tilly Bagshawe, will definitely give you the shivers and keep you guessing till the end. It follows the story of a beautiful psychopath who targets wealthy men with her accomplice. But, the catch is that she disappears for a decade after every killing only to resurface with a new identity and a new rich husband. Her victims are usually rich men who have neglected their children, who have in turn become bastards. The cleverness of it lies in the fact that after their death, as the wife, she donates every dime she gets to charity. So no one could guess her role in the brutal murders. Also, another aspect used by Sheldon to throw everyone off track was that she was found brutally raped and beaten at the murder site of her husband. It takes the courage of Danny, an Interpol officer and another American man, Matt helplessly in love with her, (refusing to believe her as a monster) to finally catch ‘Lisa’ (one of her many names) and her husband ‘Frank’. The trial runs in U.S.A for both Frank and Lisa where she proves in the court of law that she always believed what Frank told her and was a victim of his emotional abuse. She does so by trying to convince everyone that she is a Moroccan princess (Frank convinces her of this) whose mother was disowned by her grandfather. She is given life imprisonment while Frank is given a death sentence by the jury. Later, using her seductive charms she convinces the guard of the mental institution she’s caged in to fake her death and she escapes to find Matt.

4. The Doomsday Conspiracy

This book should probably be mentioned as it is the only book that has a male protagonist, Robert and also has aliens. Robert is set out to find all the witnesses of the crash of an alien ship in Switzerland. Apparently, the crash has been seen by a bunch of tourists from around the world. He works undercover and finally compiles a list of all the people by travelling extensively. Little does he know that these people are being ruthlessly murdered because of the information he has collected. Problem arises when he is being hunted by the same people. His fight for survival, along with a help from an alien disguised as a human, makes this book a nice thriller and a good read that’ll keep you on your toes.

The other books are good too. It has always been Sheldon’s style to grip you with his writing. He is after all an Academy Award writer. Too bad he’s dead.

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