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The new formula for making money is clearly to write a book then write a sequel and then just one more that ruins the perfectly good series whilst competing with Ekta Kapoor’s delirious imagination. The Tadka to this recipe is when the book goes viral because of professional fan girls all around the world who are into this genre inappropriately known as “young Adult”. When this state occurs the succeeding step is to convert this compilation of words into a movie. The movie FYI must have a hunky cutie pie that the fan girls must swoon over and a badass socially awkward chic! Since there are so many of these series and since you have an extreme lack of time to catch up on them, here’s a gist of what great enlightenment one achieves from some of the famous ones.


1. Divergent  Series– Veronica Roth


So one day if you wake up and find out that you’re in an experiment, what do you do? Well, lesson nummer eins- Never try to alter your kids (or their kids or their kid’s kids) genes to make them Brave or intelligent or selfless or honest or peaceful. Next, Factions are not cool so why do we have blue, green, red and yellow houses in schools, something to think about, eh!? Let’s leave the human race alone! (Don’t experiment!!) What does Beatrice Prior basically imply by her actions - Self sacrifice when you can save the world or whenever you think is apt; basically be suicidal.
* So Stoked for the movie (Shailene Woodley – Uber talented)*


2. 50 shades – E.L.James



GIRLS!! Attention please (No. Not Spud in the Box’s new EP). This is actually a very interesting must-read and it puts the twilight saga to shame. A hell lot of must-knows are hidden in the deep dark depths of this book. So remember to have sex with your bladder full and to have sex with your wrists cuffed to your ankles and to have sex after you have had two tiny steel balls in your va-jay-jay for a significant amount of time and to have sex in your rich Dominants private jet. This series will just give you myriad ideas and ruin your thought process hence making you a better person. Also almost always have a riding crop around.
Plus getting spanked – An entire new world to discover.
* Christian Grey better be hot in the movie*


3. Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins



Yet again this is Darwin’s theory of the survival of the fittest in the most literal form. If you are Katniss or you look like Lara Croft or you know how to hunt or you know archery, you’re good to go.  If not learn/be one of the above. Remember, it’s okay to kill people. Ain’t no biggie in slitting someone’s throat now and then.  So when everyone else is out to kill you, CAMOUFLAGE. Very effective! Tried and tested. If you are a part of the government of this world, throw out all your nudes, blacks and greys and wear the gaudiest attire possible. How do you know if you belong to one of the twelve sectors? Well, I got a letter from Hogwarts! There will be signs. You’ll figure it out. Don’t worry.
*Jen Lawrence Best actress EVER*

4. Millennium series – Stieg Larson



(I’m sorry this had to be tri-thing. RIP Larson)
Get a dragon tattoo, its cool. Learn to play with fire. I don’t know if you can do this but try to contract (if that’s possible) Congenital analgesia, not feeling pain is the new “in-thing” lately. Prove who raped whom. MUST DO!


5. Inheritance cycle – Christopher Paolini


(Well, not a trilogy but was supposed to be. When will Paolini get it!? People Don’t-Want-To-Read-This)
There is absolutely nothing to learn from this series. Oh no, wait, but you already know what dragons are! So, no, nothing.
*Don’t even bother about the movie*


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