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Quite honestly, I’m sick of doing lists. And this is the general consensus amongst the writers at Whackk! But the problem is that you little worms like reading lists more than anything else. A psychological study explained the reasons behind it. The reason is that the IQ required to read a list is roughly 47% of that required to read a regular article.

The survey of course was conducted on The Whackk Team.

Last year I did a list of the top ten rock songs of 2010. As it turns out, that one turned out to be quite a success over the past twelve months. Looks like a lot of our readers suffer from the low IQ disease. So the next most logical thing to do would’ve been repeat the success formula this year again. And that’s precisely what I’m doing now. You should’ve figured that out by now.

2011 has been a very average, if not below average year, for the rock fan. In the name of ‘experimentation’ and ‘trying out new things’ a lot of big bands have disappointed. And if you’re already looking forward to spotting Coldplay songs in this list then don’t bother. Coldplay’s gone pop. So they don’t belong on this page anymore.

OK, let’s just give you what you’re on this page for :

10. Shake Me Down - Cage The Elephant

Couldn’t have started the list off with a better song I guess. The year end superhit is such a hard hitting song that it stays with you even if you put on some other song on loop after it. The new American kids on the block sound like they’re on the right track. Let’s see how they shape their future                                                           .

9. The Cave - Mumford And Sons

The name of this band reminds me of most of the jewellery shops in the country. “Lalchandani and sons”

Nonetheless, the brit folk rockers are one of the brightest new prospects to have emerged in the last two years. I expect them to grow much bigger in popularity soon, after adding many more dimensions to their music ofcourse. This song is quite the beauty with folk vibe is carries and picks up the tempo to make you feel like tapping along in an irish bar.



8. Tonight - Seether

These guys have been in the game for a decade now and that they’re doing pretty well to be honest. A safe bet, this song. Strong sound, strong vocals. Job done!

7. Hesitate - Stone Sour

Everytime I listen to Stone Sour I end up listening to Slipknot to make myself believe that Corey Taylor’s hoarse slipknot voice is not just a figment of my imagination. The guy can sing! This song is the perfect example of that fact.

6. Lonely Boy - The Black Keys

The deadly duo make their entry to this list finally with their latest hit. Just when people thought they could predict their music and label it as the retro groovy kind, out comes lonely boy. Much stronger guitar riffs this time. However the end result is the same. It’s got everyone grooving to it already.

5. Get Up - Korn ft Skrillex

I’m sure even the Billboard people were confused which genre to put this song in. Rock or techno or what?                                                                                                                                                                                After their last album people started writing Korn off as a disappearing act. Korn decided to try the untried. They paired up with Skrillex to produce tracks mixing hard rock and dubstep. The result is a very powerful sound. Korn leads the way!

4. The Adventures Of Raindance Maggi - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Confession : When I first heard this song, I disliked it. The whole baggage of expectation from RHCP and the news of their guitarist John Frusciante didn’t help the cause either. Then I saw the video and I figured I actually found the bassline of the song very very groovy. Flea shines on this song and RHCP basically delivers another tight album on a whole. WIN!


3. Pumped Up Kicks -Foster The People 

Now this was a contentious decision. Is Foster The People rock or pop or what? Well, billboard puts them in rock. I’m not such a big fan of Billboard, but I’ll stand by them here simply because this song is outstanding. Its beauty lies in the simplicity of the whole thing and the hum along factor. You can hum this song the entire god-damned day!

2. Howlin For you - The Black Keys

Oh you, you beautiful musicians!
How did this song not make it to the top?

1. Rope - The Foo Fighters

Because this song did!

In the last few years the rock fraternity has lost a lot of established names to other genres. More often than not to pop (remember Coldplay?). During these times when rock was losing its identity we needed someone to bring back the good old guitars in fashion. The Foo Fighter did just what the doctor had ordered.

‘Rope’ was the first single released from a Foos album that went on to become a huge hit. As a trend, I will not describe the list topper song. You gotta hear it and find out about it on your own.  


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