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So people come to our site, they see the big logo up top, the crazy writing, the chilled out design and every other nice thing about Whackk! and go "Hey, I should intern with them and pad up my resume so that when I go to get a job and they see on it they will instantly offer a job." Acting on that thought they fire us a mail asking if they can intern with us. What do we say?


The said people go into their rooms sit in a corner and cry for at least 69 minutes. Then molest themselves. Then attempt suicide.

Hence, for the betterment of mankind and preservation of fellow human beings, we have decided to start offering internships! (Psst, we are also hiring writers)


What It Entails? |  Positions Offered |  Requirements | Why Intern At Whackk? | How to Apply?


What it Entails?

It's simple, you sit at home, work using the internet from anywhere in the world. You can even work while watching MasterChef. Yes, this internship will be that cool. 

You will have to put in a few hours of work every weekk, we cannot give you a fixed number. It'll be something like those assassin movies. You get an anonymous call on your phone and you get to work. Except, it won't be THAT cool. Cause you will probably get a text/e-mail/Facebook message. Also, it won't involve sniper guns and killing. Nor will you get a bag full of money after The Job is done.

Positions Offered

We are currently offering five posts to interns :

  1. Creative Writer (See specific requirements)
  2. Social Media Manager (See specific requirements)
  3. Publicist (See specific requirements)
  4. Sub Editor (See specific requirements)
  5. Resident Geek (See specific requirements)


Obviously, we will not accept every application from Mina, Tina, Jai, Rahul, Bob, Dick, Ginger, June.... We expect our interns to be classy and generally awesome. Also, we expect from them the following :

  1. Good communication skills.
  2. Good internet connection at home/hostel. Preferably broadband. If you can access the interwebs from your phone, it would be a plus.
  3. Willingness to work hard. We have crazy methods of punishing lazy people. You. Don't. Wanna. Know.
  4. Be honest. If you cannot do something or don't have time for some reason, let us know. We will try to keep our dogs from mauling you.
  5. You should understand and know what Whackk! is all about. Properly.
  6. Shouldn't be ugly.
  7. Should be able to bear outrageous amounts of ridiculing and insulting.


If you want to intern as a creative writer, you :

  1. Better have a good grasp of grammar. The English kind. Not the German or Hindi or French or Spanish. English.
  2. Should have good writing skills too. This is most important. 
  3. Should have taken a look at the type of content Whackk! serves to its readers. You should also know if you, as a writer, are a good fit for us. (Don't worry, if you aren't we will let you know).
  4. Should text in normal English and not use yo-yo txtng lol bff lmao rofl language. Not necessary, but this does increase your chances.

Social media manager, eh? Do you fulfill these requirements? :

  1. You should understand what the post's title/designation means and entails.
  2. Should be active on Twitter and Facebook.
  3. If you have managed a Page on Facebook at some point of time in your insignificant life, well, bonus points to you!
  4. Think entertaining people on social media wdout wrtng lyk dis is your thing?

If you want to intern and help us out as a publicist, then :

  1. You should be an attention seeking publicity whore.
  2. Know-how about social media will be a big plus. 
  3. As a test, we will give you a teetotaler. You will have to get him/her shit drunk in 25 minutes.


Wanna intern as a sub editor? Coolness. Here is what we need :

  1. (Really good communication skills)2
  2. Grammar Nazi type tendencies.
  3. Blogging and/or web content development experience will certainly help your case.


Our resident geeks are complete opposites of the stereotypes. Smart, clean and suave they are. Wanna join? Make sure :

  1. You have some knowledge about how to work with Wordpress/Drupal/Joomla or some blogging platform.
  2. You have the know-how about HTML/CSS/PHP/JavaScript/jQuery, that would be pretty cool. Not very necessary.
  3. You have some experience with Photoshop. THAT would be even more cooler. Again, not necessary.


Why Intern At Whackk?

Because, you get to mention one of the best/coolest/craziest/biggest youth startups in the country, in your resume.

Because, you know you want to.

Because you are getting a chance to work with some of the craziest people around. 

Because, you can.

Because, you will get laid more often. I can't believe I haven't mentioned that yet.

Because, that's why.

OMG! OMG! I Wanna Apply! How Do I Apply?!

Whoa tiger! Hold your horses! So you are excited, eh? We are excited that you are excited and I am pretty sure that our excitement has increased your level of excitement which has increased our level of excitement which increases your excitement which.....


Ha, so, where were we? Oh yes, you wanted to apply. Simple. Send in an e-mail with a very, very, very brief paragraph about yourself with the following subject line : I Want to intern as [Insert post].

Also, do not forget to attach your resume.

Send it in to writeforus [at] whackk (dot) com



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