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They are British. They are Rockers. Basically, the most awesome type of people to walk this Earth. Also, they can make your iPods climax.

Say hello to Def Leppard!

Def Leppard was formed in 1977 and has undergone a couple of lineup changes, mostly because the original band members were either too drunk or too dead to carry on their responsibilities.

They called themselves “Deaf Leopard” in the early days. And “Atomic Mass” even before that. Thank God, sanity prevailed!

The current lineup (and going strong since 20 years) is :

  1. Joe Elliott – lead vocals, additional guitars, additional keyboards (1977–present)
  2. Phil Collen – guitars, backing vocals (1982–present)
  3. Vivian Campbell – guitars, backing vocals (1992–present)
  4. Rick Savage – bass guitar, backing vocals, additional guitars, additional keyboards (1977–present)
  5. Rick Allen – drums, percussion, backing vocals (1978–present)



Fun Fact : Rick Allen, the guy on drums, lost his arm in a car accident but still rocks on with a specialised drum kit. That wasn’t exactly a lot of fun. But, yeah.


These Def Leppard people have had their own share of lineup changes. Pete Willis was fired by the end because he used to be a general douchebag and end up drunk all the time. I don’t get it, that has never been a problem at Whackk! Why would you fire someone for that?!

Anyways, that happened in 1982. Willis went on to form a band called Gogmagog, clearly still drunk as shit.

The band has been no stranger to tragedy. In 1984, Rick Allen, the drummer lost his left arm in a car accident. A few years later, in 1991, Steve Clark died by accidentally mixing prescription drugs and alcohol.

Their lives have been largely accident free after that.

Fun Fact : 5th of September in Los Angeles is “Def Leppard Day”!



Wikipedia keeps repeating that Def Leppard were part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement to the point that it becomes irritating. Very irritating.

These guys write songs about love, life, rocking and getting it on (if y’know what I mean. No? See this).

Like it is for any good band, compartmentalising the music of Def Leppard into a single genre is an impossible task. If I had to try, classic hard rock would be it. Glam metal and pop-rock? Not so much.

If I had to play a single artist when a chick was coming over for some sexy time, Def Leppard would most definitely be the first choice. Yeah, their music is that kind.

Fun Fact : The original Broadway musical “Rock of Ages” does not have any songs by Def Leppard, cause the suits wouldn’t allow it. But the soon to be released movie (based on the musical based on a book) has Tom Cruise actually singing Pour Some Sugar On Me.


Top Ten Songs

10. Love Bites - Hysteria - Love bites, love bleeds/It's bringin' me to my knees/Love lives, love dies

9. Foolin’ - Pyromania - This number’s real kickassness starts after 2 minutes. Patience has always been a virtue, right.

8. Photograph - Pyromania - From one of their biggest album, this one sounds like the first one but you could be totally be singing this in your car with your buds.

7. Armageddon It - Hysteria - Joe Elliot shows you how the bizz-ness.

6. 2 Steps Behind You/Miss In You A Heartbeat - Retroactive - Stay away from the electric versions. Far, far away.

5. Rock Of Ages - Pyromania - This one is a Def Leppard favourite for many, but took it’s own sweet time to grow on me.

4. When Love & Hate Collide - Vault - This track directly appeared on their greatest hit’s album (Vault) and it’s pretty cool.

3. Long, Long Way To Go - X - One word. Slow.

2. Bringin’ On The Heartbreak - High n’ Dry - Probably the greatest power ballad, ever.

1. Pour Some Sugar On Me - Hysteria - Want them hoes to be drippin? You be blastin’ this track, nigga.

Vivek Ranjan

Reader! Before you go, I just want to say you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I!

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