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Last week I came across this article in the newspaper which should have shattered a few misconceptions in our country. Without getting into the details of the article I shall give you the gist of it. An extensive research conducted across 73 countries put our education system at the second worst of the lot. Don’t believe me? Believe me man!

We have been led to believe through all these years that our education system produces some of the best brains in the world. And that we’re in demand in MNCs acoss the globe because of this fact. The truth however, like always, is ugly!

MNCs love to hire Indians because we have the maximum work output with the minimal wage and perk demands. We’re so happy to be earning in dollars that we don’t really mind working inhuman hours at below standard wages. We are even grateful to our more-than-just wealthy employers. One could blame it on our deprived upbringing, perhaps.

We, at Whackk!, believe that out of the 4 pillars that make a good education system i.e. good teachers, parental influence, curriculum and infrastructure, our country lacks the most in good teaching standards. Look back at your own school days, unless you are still in school, and try to remember the teachers that really inspired you. You should consider yourself lucky if you can think of more than 3 such teachers.

Teaching is not an easy task. It takes tremendous skill and patience to be a good teacher. A good teacher has the ability to transform the world, much like a superhero. Startling then that such a seemingly cool job is given such less importance in our land. They don’t get good money, fame or even the chance to save damsels in distress. Therefore it’s pretty clear why we get teachers who resemble villains more than heroes. We have a typical set of teachers in every school/college in the country and most of them belong to one of these categories of types of teachers :

1. The Racist (Regional) Prick

This is a guy who believes that his students should progress a lot in life, only if they are from ‘insert state name’. I have lived in various parts of the country and so I can tell you that there is not one city or school where you won’t find a teacher with a regional bias. These guys will do everything in their power to help the kids having ‘better’ surnames. They hold a special inexplicable, unreasonable grudge against students of a certain state or region. This biased love is generally seen clearly during vivas, practicals and even in the classroom.

2. Mr Lame-Sense-Of-Humour

Stop grinning already! I know you’re remembering that one sad professor who thought he he was the funniest and the most charming stud in town. But his jokes could only make your cringe till the last brain cell committed suicide. And most of this type come with an ultra loud laughter that would put Dolly Bindra to shame. The teacher’s pet will join him in his loud laughter camps in the classroom, making you wonder if you really want to continue living on this planet.



3. The Pervert

It’s one thing to watch naughty America videos of perverted teachers. It is another thing to have a perverted teacher on campus. A regular pervert is like an intolerable worm in society. But a perverted teacher is worse, like an intolerable worm with an undying stench. It can kill a student’s learning abilities and leave them scarred forever. Sadly, such teachers exist in an overwhelming number in our schools. And most students being unaware and powerless doesn’t help much either. So the next time a teacher asks you to take private tuition with a sick smile, you make sure it gets wiped off his face for good.



4. The Poor Incompetent One 

This one draws the sympathy out of you. This teacher does not belong to the first three categories. He/She is not annoying, perverted or lame. But neither is he good at his job as a teacher. You don’t understand an ounce of what he teaches but then you’re OK with it since you can sleep or chill in his lecture. Such teachers are actually like slow poison. They don’t teach and yet no one minds their existence. The students love them, but for all the wrong reasons.


5. The College Crush

'Nuff Said!

6. The Model Teacher

This is that one teacher that you loved for all the right reasons. He/she inspired you like no one else which is why you still remember that one even today. Such teachers generally take a lot of flak from their colleagues for various reasons. It could be for showing faith in the most seemingly hopeless kids, or for his out of the box thinking or something as idiotic as his charm/looks. Rule of thumb in school : The love of teachers in the staff room is inversely proportional to the love of students in the class room. A teacher loved by and large by the students is hated by and large by the teachers.

So what is this world famous education system of India that most old politicians like to gloat about on news channels? Does it lie in the fact that most of our students opt for standard courses of engineering/medicine/MBA/Law? Is it the competitiveness (read insecurities) that seeps in when a student competes for a few hundred seats against lakhs of other candidates? Maybe they take pride in the fact that last year a few reputed college had 100% as their cut off for admissions. Maybe it’s all of that and more...

Our education system teaches you that in order to make money you have to study science or at least be an MBA. Any form of creativity will be rewarded with job insecurities and lack of respect in family. And the best thing they teach us is that if you don’t have the skill or aptitude for your course then you must do whatever it takes to score well. Licking teacher’s rears, bribing or in some extreme cases fake degrees will easily help you secure your future. 

The Whackk Team


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