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Haters call Mumbai a lot of things. “Mumbai is dirty. It stinks. It’s overpopulated. It’s insensitive. It’s noisy”. We hear all these things and irrespective of our response, somewhere deep down we know that person is not too far from the truth. But if someone says “Mumbai is wannabe” or “Mumbai is uncool” or “Mumbai is not creative”, then we have a huge problem, my friend.

If the BMC has their way though, we may be dumbfounded at these allegations soon. Mumbai is being made to look extremely wannabe and dull. Atleast on paper. How, you ask?

The BMC recently decided to have a logo for our beloved city. This logo, if approved, will be featured on official city documents, landmarks and even dustbins. This is not a big deal though. Infact, sounds pretty interesting. Consider some of the other cities of the world with logos. New York is the first that comes to mind with the famous ‘ I <3 NY’ logo which the Canada return sardars wear proudly in their Honey Singh blasting cars in Delhi. Some of the other cities and countries with killer logos are seen in this picture below which I found for you on google with tremendous difficulty.

If you thought these were cool, take a look at the kids who went a level up on the design scale:


So if every vibrant city of the world has its own logo, it’s only logical that Mumbai has its own logo, right? Therefore, I present to you, proudly, Mumbai’s new logo:


Would you flaunt this on a T-shirt? Would you put a badge of that on your bag? Would you even show if off to your Delhi cousin?

Only one answer comes to mind, “ch**iya samjha hai kya?!” This logo is not us. It’s not Mumbai. It’s boring, dull, pretentious and everything that does not represent a Mumbaikar. Let’s look at it in detail.


"Orange signifies passion, unity, friendship, while blue symbolises depth of the sea and sky and shows importance of the Mumbai city," said Shewale, Chaiman of BMC’s standing committee.

Whereas , Bhupal Ramnathkar, the founder of Umbrella Design, the firm that designed this logo, said that orange denotes friendship, happiness and beauty and the blue, the sea.
Clearly this orange just denotes the lack of any sense of colors and design. More so this orange for me denotes how the authorities and agencies just try to sell us their different shitty versions of the same shit.

Copy :

“Majhi Mumbai”. I don’t see much wrong with that, honestly. Though we could have done much better. Mumbai has too many overpaid copywriters to be left unaccused for a line like that.


It’s supposed to signify a mother holding a child in her embrace. But really, what did people see in there before being told about this.




Over all, clearly If I see this logo on a dustbin, I’d start littering on the roads because I would stay miles away from these dustbins. BMC, you disappoint again. And it’s not even monsoons yet. I guess funnyman Sorabh Pant sums it up well.



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