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I am an Assamese, and I am not a Chutia. No, it’s not funny. And that’s what the world is coming at, when hundreds of accounts belonging to Assamese people of the Chutia community were blocked by Facebook as they were thought to be false and fake. Firstly, my people take such shit very seriously, I guess anybody would. This is something that I have been expecting since I had an animated talk with a friend of mine about the fate of a community that is known by ‘Sutiya’. I remember wondering anxiously over the state of a guy growing up to be someone corporately significant and carrying ‘Chutia’ with his name. An inquiry would sound like: “Do you have a ‘Chutia’ in your department?” The answer could come as “I am not sure, although that other day I told one where to go when he asked me to cover his shift.” Obviously that calls for fits of laughter exchanged between the two men at both the ends of the telephone line. Incidentally that is the scenario only in India as Chutia, pronounced Sutiya, and is derogatory in its true sense here. What should the ‘Sutiya’ people do then? I don’t have any idea about which came first the slang or the community (1000 year old, my vote on this one), because if the slang came first the people should have been a little more careful during the naming ceremony and if the community came first then I say get more slangs named after different communities just for the heck of it. Nobody has a control over his own birth, does he? The other day a trip to the local hospital made me face a suave doctor who goes with the surname of ‘Titus’, I silent cried over his plight. Can’t kill himself for that matter, now can he? But this ain’t getting us anywhere.

This piece isn’t about clearing name or justifying sensitive matter of this sort, it is to show that: SHIT HAPPENS! And shit need not be made into a troll-faced joke, humorous digs, and a subject of indecent jeers. As there are sentiments related to it, and sentiments happen to people, and sentimental people don’t think rationally. A man with an affected mind gives rise to… well, imagine a bunch headless people tied together and a frustrated man with a bloody dagger convulsing with rage. Let’s not make that happen, alright?

Such things aren’t in our hands, and let’s not make it worse than it already is. Already many look at the North East with contemptuous and alienating view (Ooh, look chinkis!), people bitching about the annual budgets dedicating lesser funds for the development of the dangling bit of land of North East, my head says we are this (makes a small gap with the fore finger and thumb) close to a communal disturbance if this subject is stretched any further. That’s why, be nice.
I am an ardent preacher of Peace, and doing my bit to ensure peace prevails.



BTW, even now some clowns are still wondering if Sutiya is the name of a particular community or the whole of Assam or if some King knowingly named the community out of hapless fun; dearies, my heartfelt request to them not to go about asking that to ANY Assamese unless they want themselves to be ripped from limb to limb or be prepared to be roasted alive by an army of pissed off ULFA Sutiya front-men anytime.

Note to Ed : Won’t say I didn’t enjoy using the word sooo many times, knowing you guys won’t (can’t) censor it :D

Geetashree Hazarika

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