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Being an avid reader of classics, semi-classics, not-so-classics, not-at-all-classics, and living in the age where idiosyncrasies sell and actually not looked down as ‘is he like stupid?’ the author decides to voice the ever-growing wondering, pondering, food-for-thoughts, this time regarding the extensively cheeky yet valorous literary character of Peter Pan, ‘the boy who wouldn’t grow up’.

… and the crocodile snapped its jaws around Captain Hook’s body flung overboard. Tinker Bell did a dizzy dance while Peter Pan,still pretty dazed from all the dueling,smiled wanly at the pretty Wendy Darling. Disney thus marks the end of yet another less detailed Peter Pan movie. Dabbing eyes with a free hand, we lurch a much nuanced sigh and ignore the overly pompous side of Peter Pan, Tink’s jealousy ridden acts, Lost Boys’ dumbness in general.

According to me, the most underrated character(s) of the Peter Pan series would be the Lost Boys. So cautiously detailed by the master- creator of Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie,and the movies decides to coldly toy with Lost Boys actual book names. They didn’t so much as prod on the surrealistically amazing-ness of the Lost Boys. The infamous transformation of one of the Lost Boys, Tootles into a girl and fantasizing about Peter Pan is much overlooked at times (how could anyone possibly?).



Consider Peter’s freakishly cocky self, him forbidding the Lost Boys to know anything which he doesn’t know. Isn’t it just severely annoying how he stubbornly refuses to grow older? Immorality, childishness and escapism, it is all about, metaphorically when it comes to that snob Peter Pan. His popularity among the ladies, fairies those will be, wooing school girls away from home and generations after that to a Neverland which is by the looks of it queerer than any phantom island. Thus, it led me to think, through a dark trail of thoughts into a lost alleyway, as shady as can be…

… His unbalanced defeats and conquests, with an unstable life, doesn’t it all sound a bit too familiar? Yes, that could mean just one thing: Is Peter Pan an inspiration for the Punk Rock?*collective gasps*

Drink a glass of water, dab off the sweat from your forehead and let the words sink down, now imagine. The Lost Boys! A passably attractive name for a band sizzling in punk rock, non? And what can be a fitting band description then: (spot light on the obscurely dressed Peter Pan with his Gibson and his head-cover with the feather)

“We are a group of homeless people who were restless since the time we were born. Searching for the purpose of our hollow lives ever since. And one day when the nurses were not looking, we fell of our prams and were LOST.And we came around together, bound by a single thought, a single purpose, to be the Lost Boys. After having gone through some inevitable changes, this is our 12th line-up. And god knows if Barrie would let us be. By the way we love you, Barrie man. Here our first single which is called ‘finding Neverland’, hope you will enjoy! (Whispers to himself)This is for you Darling…!”

So wouldn’t that make Tinker Bell a groupie?

Geetashree Hazarika

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