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By Shubham Saxena in Kkhel Kud! - On

Common, this was not Asia cup, it was... "Sachin scores his HUNDRETH HUNDRED and we live happily ever after" ....almost. No seriously, that is all any Indian, or for that matter any non-Bangladeshi will remember anyway.

But we lost, so that is that and there should be an explaination.

No.1: You will agree, the Indian team has always been a sloth when it comes to fielding sparing a few spirited players. Yuvi, Raina. The list pretty much ends there and Yuvraj is chilling in the US of A (too soon? Well, I pray for him. Sometimes)

No. 2 : India is yet to find a truly feared bowler like Bret lee, McGrath, Wasim, Shoib Akhtar, Hadlee, Dennis Lillee, Malinga, etc. Hmm… Zaheer? Sure, but only if he was not out of the team 9 months out of 12 due to injury. I cannot digest the fact that we had Sreesanth as our headliner bowlers for a substantial amount of time and his dancing and crying on the field did not help one bit. NOT COOL.

Batting!? ah yes... here too more than 3 players fail to be consistent enough to get us across the lines without half the population praying to at least one of the 330 million gods that bless this country. (Yes, that is the number of Hindu gods we have! plus other beliefs).

Consistency and stability on the whole, well we are as stable as a one-legged pirate, walking a tightrope intoxicated with old monk. One day we perform so well that we shock ourselves, then after the next match there are demonstrations in various parts of the country, burning Dhoni puppets. To cut the players some slack, I admit Indians have never been a mature audience, but I will also say that the team has never performed till their asses have not been set ablaze.
Apart from this we do not even posses a special art form which the Australians and English have specialised in for so long.

Sledging. We actually try that in Hindi, which probably the opponent does not understand and is not affected by. Not a good example, but you will get the point: For instance A while back When Bhajji said “Teri Ma-ki #*&@”, Symonds assumed he was being referred to as a Monkey! On the other hand:

Merv Hughes to Robin Smith
Smith plays and misses to Hughes in the Lord's Test 1989, England and Australia.
Hughes: "You can't f***ing bat, mate."
Smith then smashes the next ball for four and replies: "Hey Merv, we make a fine pair.
"I can't f***ing bat and you can't f***ing bowl."

Summarizing, we can’t field well, bowling is amateur, batting unreliable? So all negative eh? No, this series got us the long awaited 100th 100 (yes ‘us’ more than Sachin, WE can now rest in peace). Also, we have found and confirmed our future captain. He has been in the side that has won 2 world cups in the 50-50 format, Virat Kohli. So what if one was under 19?

Some say if he can control his needless temper and aggression and divert it to more useful channels, can be expected to be the most capable and brightest captain India has had so far, even over Captain Cool himself, M.S. Dhoni.

All said and done, I think we should be happy for Bangladesh. They are playing well and more than deserve to win, even if it’s on run rate. As for India, well we had our chance, we had our glory but we remain the reigning champions till 2015. So chill the beep out. Jai Hind! :p



....just Sayin’