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We did a cover story last month where we successfully established the fact that we are not so good at copying but yet we copy. Plagiarism is in our blood.

Just that there’s this one thing we could never Indian-ise successfully enough. The superhero genre. Think superheroes in Hindi movies and..... and yuck! The images of shady wannabe loudly dressed Amitabh Bachchan passes by in your head. Yes, Hrithik does bring in some respite but then it took us some 50 years to come up with a half decent superhero movie like Krrish. Why do we suck at making superhero movies?

Because guess what, SFX costs big money. And look at us, we’re c.h.e.a.p and proud of it.

Make no mistake though, some of our superhero movies have a cult following online. More for the wrong reasons than the good ones. But never mind. I give you a brief, colorful, hilarious history of the lame Bollywood superheroes :


This is the mother of all plagiarised movies in Bollywood.
This is plain embarrassment. Also,
It’s hilarious!!
Also it had fans like this guy here :


The movie’s plot is a straight rip off of the original Hollywood movie made in 1978. Same story, same costumes, heck, same friggin name. Such shameless people we have in our country na! And it doesn’t end there, the movie has scenes of special effects lifted up straight from the original. And as for our only saving saving grace in Bollywood : The songs. We have Superman dancing to Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ in one of the scenes.
Oh and Dharmendra’s in this movie too.
I know, I know you wanna watch it now. Read the full article and go after that please.


Mr India (1987)

The act of balancing happened that very year in Bollywood with a memorable piece of genius coming from Shekhar Kapoor. Mr India needs no introduction or description. One of the rare pieces of original and creative movie making genius. Oh and the line from that song :
“Sorry didi ab hum nahi karenge shor.. .lekin bachhe na khele toh ho jayenge bore!!”
Beat that, Hollywood!


Shahenshah/ Jadoogar/ Ajooba/ Toofan

OK, I can’t stop myself from saying it now : “Rishte mein toh hum tumhare baap lagte hain, naam hai Shahenshah!”
*whistles and applause*
Superhit movie by the Big B. Bachchan really took a liking to this genre post Mr India and released four superhero movies in the following years.Storylines /costumes and acting equally sucky in all the movies.
Barring Shahenshah none of them really worked. Ajooba is too funny though. Specially the part where the people chant “Ajooba ajooba ajooba”. Gotta see it to believe it, brother.



The real major silver lining in the superhero genre of Bollywood. Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik came up with a close to decent attempt at giving India a superhero we wouldn’t be embarrassed of or laugh our asses at. Although I did laugh my ass off at some of the stunts. But that’s just me.
I don’t feel like writing much on Krrish, ‘coz if I were reading something similar I’d probably shut the page. And you shouldn’t do so.


R.A One

This one’s still to come. Lets wait and watch.
Though the slim and weak SRK looks really lame to me. Unless his superpower is to shock the villain at the idea of such a sissy looking superhero. But hey, I won’t influence your opinion of the movie lest SRK mention me in his tweet like last night again. Peace SRK. I <3 you.
But I sure as hell can put up the trailer here so you can watch it and laugh at his lameness.


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