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" When God takes away A.R Rehman's good music, he gives you Amit Trivedi." 

- God

At a time when Bollywood is having to look towards Yo Yo Honey Singh to provide good music, Amit Trivedi is a necessity more than a luxury. The guy is no prodigy. He struggled to get where he is today. A failed rock band ‘Om’, a lot of theater music, jingles and dandiya raas later he landed Anurag Kashyap’s Dev D. Doobte ko jab naav mili, ladke ne kamala kar ditta! National award for the best music, nothing less. I can honestly just pick up all the songs from Dev D and put them in this list.
Maybe I should do that.


Amit Trivedi has range. His music can be trippy, peppy or downright…Aiyya. Yes, he gave the music for Aiyya(Remember that song with Rani Mukherjee trying to turn you on with her bulges? Yes, that!). Sometimes you wonder after listening to an artist, “Man, what music must this guy be tripping on?” I am prepared to pay an obscene amount of money just to land my hands on his music collection. More so for his music collection from the Dev D days.

10) Aafaton Ke Parinde - Ishaqzaade

When this song came out, dub was still hot. It still is, at teenage parties and engineering fests’ fashion shows. Generally the attempt of an Indian composer to try a new international genre ends up being a fail or blatantly plagiarised. This is more than a decent attempt. Hence, just like in football, the creative one gets jersey number 10.

9) Shaam Bhi Kabhi – Aisha

The mere mention of this movie turns half the country off. The only saving grace was the music. I only wish the irritatingly fake face of Sonam Kapoor wouldn’t appear in my mind  when I tried to hear this song in peace.

8) Ha Reham – Aamir

A track in the realm of sufi. This one will never give Rehman’s ‘Khwaaja Mere Khwaaja’ a competition but it stands its own. This is the track which makes one appreciate Amit’s versatility. You could never guess that it was composed by him until you saw the credits. Well done!

7) Yeh Duniya – Dev D

I have held off the temptation of not putting Dev D songs in this list long enough. This is where the flood of Dev D songs begins. This song is the work of an artist tripping his balls off in a beautiful landscape with no people and only the clear blue sky to look at. Yes, he was probably high in his small apartment in Mumbai. Also, I love Anurag Kashyap for giving this song the picturisation it deserved.

6)  Iktaara – Wake Up Sid

Just about everyone knows how good this song is. Honestly, I would have placed it slightly higher in the list had I not been irritated by watching it play on almost every god damned music channel.

5) Nirmohiya – Coke Studio

Give a talented guy a bunch of useful tools and he will come up a good product. This is exactly what happened when Amit Trivedi was given the opportunity to work with some brilliant artists at Mtv’s Coke Studio. The result is a beautiful bluesy song. Hear here:

4) Haara – Aamir

Aamir probably deserved a national award for best music too. There are more than a few reasons for that in this list. This one, again, is quintessentially Amit Trivedi intense. I am convinced that Amit Trivedi’s own voice suits his songs the best. Evidence:

Couldn't find a decent youtube video of the song. Check out the song here.

3) Ek Lau – Aamir

Another song from Aamir. Again, this guy deserved another national award for this album. But life is not fair as somewhere far away, Rehman won an Oscar for ‘Jai Ho’. And somewhere less far away, Pritam signed 3 more movies plagiarising music from the middle east.

2) Saali Khushi/Payaliya - Dev D

This was the toughest choice to make in the entire list. Both these songs deserve a place in this list and neither can be termed better than the other because they’re both masterpieces. Experience the eargasm when the sound of a burning matchstick syncs in so beautifully in ‘Saali Zindagi’, all the while making sense with the lyrics too. Simple, yet no one used that before this guy in Bollywood. Payaliya on the other hand is scenic for the ears in its own way. Gotta feel them!

1)Azaadiyan – Udaan


Maybe it’s the failed engineer in me that gets touched everytime I watch this movie or hear this song. Maybe this is song is genius. It is genius, for sure. Uplifting spirits through music is not an easy task. Inspiring, even tougher. Ask any musician how these two feelings are the some of the toughest to evoke. This song will do that for you every.single.time.


Keep working with Anurag Kashyap and making trippy music forever, sir.


Honorary Mention: Manja - Kai Po Chhe

I was manipulated by a friend, who is a huge Amit Trivedi fan, to put this. Hopefully the death threats will stop now.



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