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I once saw an Priyanka Chopra on a chat show. She seemed smart, to say the least. Witty at many instances. I was pleasantly surprised. “This has to be the smartest female actor of her generation”, I made a mental note. Then one day my newsfeed told me that PC had collaborated with Pitbull to release a new single. The scars of ‘In My City’ hadn’t even healed yet, and here I was looking with awe at another master-piece.




Why would one throw away a flourishing career and attempt something like this? I was looking for answers. And one line that popped up in my head was

If Alfred saw this video, he’s say ‘some women just want to watch the world burn’. Atleast my ears burned for sure.  Just when I was accepting the fact that this song and video is pure goo, I had a sudden moment of clarity. There was a Dexter-ous voice in my head that said “THIS is a classic”. And I saw it, right there in front of my eyes, the classic that song is bound to be. Here’s why:

1) The most original way to copy JLo:



This video is so original, it makes originality its synonym. Nobody noticed the way she dressed like Jlo. I am sure her choreographer had not seen Jlo and Pitbull's video together ever. The way they have been inspired by Jlo and yet nobody seemed to notice takes a Paracetamol level of creativity. Classic!

2) The most meaningful lyrics written ever: 

“Cool me down
I'm feeling so exotic
Yaa right now..
I'm hotter than the tropics
Take me down (Mr. Worldwide)
Mumbai Cuba baby let's go (Priyanka)
La-love me all the way o Rio”

If that did not make you understand the real meaning and purpose of life then I don’t know what else could. I was just beginning to see life in a new light after those lines when these beautiful words came out of her mouth,

“Tumko jo dekha maine
Toh maine ye jaan liya hai
Pardesi babu ne
Iss desi dil ko maan liya hai”


3) The most normal dance moves:

Play the video from 3:18 onwards. And don’t miss that awesome part that starts from 3:30.


“Simplicity is beautiful”, they say. Priyanka shows the world how. Her talented choreographers made sure she danced so gracefully in this video that we would never think of it as a bad Beyonce copy. Not even a little awkward. Not for a second was I thinking that a female body moving this way to music must be kind of making god think ‘Hell, even I didn’t know a human body could look that weird. You pull it off Priyanka. Classic!

4) The kewlest responses: 

No matter what you think or comment, the top comments will always be these lovely Priyanka Chopra fans who genuinely love her work. *cough* PR agency *cough*.

These fans are so not fake that their names are like ‘BurningLotus20’ and ‘Letsparty9900’. Notice how a lot of people have comments made as responses which are in PC’s defence. Except when you click to show the original comment, ‘this comment no longer exists’. Hmmm…maybe these were people who later saw the real creativity behind this song and removed their comments themselves. That should be the only explanation,no?


Nonetheless, fact remains fact. India’s  World’s hottest new pop-star has arrived. Be scared Lady Gaga. Be very scared!


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