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We popped our threesome cherry!


No, that is not what our threesome looked like! Our first Twinterview (Twitter interview) went down, and man, we had fun. You know who else had fun? Coshish and all their fans who joined the conversation. And that is what our three way looked like. We spoke about their new album called Firdous. Massive screw-up happened when we misspelt the album's name. #Facepalm.


We also spoke about their favourite Big Boss contestant, among a few other things. If you missed out on all that craziness, hit up #AskCoshish to check out the complete stream of the whole QnA. But, since we know how lazy you are, here are some of the best questions and answers from the whole shindig. So, let's go!

We last spoke to the boys two years ago. Time to get caught up.


The packaging of the physical copies of their album, Firdous, has a unique concept. You aren't just buying a CD, you are buying an experience. The box contains pictures of the protagonist and it is upto the listener to arrange them in the proper order. Crazy, right?!


Alright! Time for some fun, yeah?!


The interesting packaging sure attracted a lot of questions.


Enough about the pictures and the puzzles, already!


@_chubbie_ couldn't control themselves. If there was an award for 'Most Questions Asked' (there isn't), it would surely go to that person.


We are on a new quest to find out what is important to people and how they would spend a 100 bucks, if that was all they have. 'Cause we usually never have more than a hundred bucks in our pockets.

Oooookay. Someone needs to get their priorities straight.

See? That was fun, no. There is more from where that came from. See below (or hit this link to check it out on Twitter):


The Whackk Team


Once upon a time there was a V.R

once upon a time there was a K.T

They were extremely jobless and weird

So to sound cool and all in front of the world they created WHACKK!

And thus was formed the whackk team!

And so ends tonight's bedtime story!

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