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Coshish is a hindi prog-rock band from aamchi Mumbai. If Rock-on comes to mind, stop reading this review right about now. Coshish has been around on the scene for a while now. We've spoken to the boys twice (an interesting twitter-interview once). An album was a long time coming and finally we laid our hands on ‘Firdous’. You hate reading long album reviews, so I’ll try to keep this one short.


The artwork is definitely a win. The joy of holding a CD and discovering different elements wrapped carefully in it has been exploited fully by these boys. There is a set of photographs inside which one has to arrange according to their dates to uncover the story of a young boy which has been depicted through songs in Firdous. On the flipside of each photograph are the lyrics of a particular song seemingly etched in pen. The love and care shows and you automatically feel like listening to the album with equal care and attention. +1 to the concept and the artwork.

The production is crisp. They couldn’t have asked for better production on their first album. That’s Zorran Mendonsa doing what he does best. Melody is the key word for this entire album. The melodies are strong and every band mate has done enough to make it shine through.

Cons :

The vocals and lyrics are weak. Unfortunately, the same man can shoulder the blame for both. Mangesh Gandhi. My only complaint with Coshish is that they have never reproduced a similar performance live. Mangesh’s vocals during live gigs feel weak as he often goes off key or strains his voice noticeably much. His voice has clearly had a lot of ‘help’ on the album and it saved a wonderful album from getting written off. Mangesh’s pronunciation and clarity lets his own lyrics down on multiple occasions. Good  lines like “Kadmon ke dhundle se nishaano ko chhodey chal. Raahon mein behke toh mann ki awaaz sunoh” can only be appreciated on reading the lyrics and not just hearing them.

Top Songs :

'Raastey', 'Mukti', 'Raastey' and 'Woh Kho Gaye' are the best songs from this album for me. ‘Behti Boondein’ and ‘Firdous’ grow on you and stick in your head after a few listens. Shrikant, Hamza and Anish have done a wonderful job throughout. ‘Mukti’ is stellar piece which stands in stark contrast to the pop-rock vibe of ‘Coshish’, the track. Overall, this album has a lot of varied sounds to offer and most importantly a story that each one of us can relate to on some level. It’s worth an hour of your life. Give it a listen!




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