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The next time someone tells you that Indians are not tech-savvy enough, just ignore.

The next time someone tells you that Indians are not tech-savvy enough, just ignore.

No? Okay. But since we don’t believe in violence, what you could do instead is give them a reality check.

We Bharatiyas are crazily cool you see, we want everything custom made.
I mean, c’mon, we have Indian rap and Indian Chinese!

So why should technology not be tailored to suit our needs?

Well some peeps out there did address this ‘issue’, and did it pretty well.

You love them already if every victory in ‘Ben 10: Battle of the Omnitrix’ gives you reason enough to last a dry weekend! (Okay I realize that might be just me, given that my hours at home are spent sharing Ben-10 excitement with little Brosome)
But you will like them now, like for sure. No seriously!

Jump Games, an international developer and publisher of mobile games, apps and content, has been developing Indian themed games for the local market over the past few months, many of which like Border War, ICC Cricket, TM Moto Madness and others, have become popular and have been downloaded more than one million times each on the Nokia Store.

Cell-phone gaming, android-aided and otherwise, has become as common as cell-phones itself, so it’s not surprising that the explosion of mobile gaming in tier II and III markets has contributed hugely to the success of these games.

Games like Border War Face Off and Border War LOC that are based on local themes have received high acceptance from mobile users like you and me. Among sports, various versions of ICC Cricket lead the download charts, owing to the cricket mania among us Indians.

So which are the among the most popular games that the nation is apparently going gaga over?

The table below lists the titles which have joined the ‘one million and more download’ club.

Sr. No.  Game Name  Total Downloads
1 Border War Face Off 2421296
2 TM Moto Madness 2136768

T20 Cricket 2012

4 Border War LOC 1938166
5 Ninja Strike 1765365
6 Secret Police Force Dragon Fly 1451222
7 ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 1130709
8 Chhota Bheem Save The Ladoos  1036453


The content is available on all networks including Vodafone, BSNL, TATA Docomo, M1, MTNL, Dialog Telekom, Reliance Mobile World, Telstra, Tele2, TIM, O2, Virgin Mobile, KPN, Telia, 3, Telefonica, Optimus, and Telenor. (Anybody with a network not in the list is probably in the wrong country).

Describing the success strategy behind this innovation, Mr. Chaitanya Prabhu, Business Head India, Jump Games said, “Like other forms of entertainment, games also need to connect with their TG (target group) to be successful. For mobile gaming to be popular in India, the story and concepts of the game need to adhere to Indian sensibilities”.

Basically - Serve us right and thou shall prosper!

The 2531897th downloader of every game gets to download five games of his or her choice for free!

Ok that was a lie.
But it did get you excited right?
See, thats what they mean by ‘Indian sensibilities’ ;)

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