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'Love Charzer' will finally be viewable on the big screen. After days of speculation over the release of this peculiar looking film, 'Messenger Of God', the FCAT (Film Certification Appellate Tribunal ) has reportedly cleared the movie for release. This movie is based on the life and times of controversial Dera Saccha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. Yes that's his full name. And in case you were wondering how MSG is the abbreviation of 'Messenger Of God', nobody knows that either. The movie had run into some trouble after the censor board refused to clear it initially, calling it 'not a movie but an ad for Gurmeet Singh'. That can't be far from the truth though if the trailers and the songs are anything to go by.

Many will rejoice over this news of MSG finally hitting the theaters. It has taken its toll on the censor board chief though. Leela Samson has immediately resigned from her post as the censor board chief citing corruption and ignorance of in the board because of interference of the ministry. She was quoted about FCAT clearing the movie for screening, saying "I hear so. Nothing in writing yet. It is a mockery of Central Board of Film Certification. My resignation is final. Have informed the (I&B) Secretary".

And if you still haven't seen or heard about this phenomenon, prepare to have your senses violated on watching the videos below. Don't miss the toy helicopter in the last scene :

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