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According to them, games like God of War and Call of Duty push people to become violent by desensitizing them from violence and brainwash them into future hard-boiled criminals. However, what many people do not realize is that video games are a good method in releasing anger without any repercussions.

In an article published by the Washington Post, gamers who suffered from several mental conditions such as stress and depression can vent their anger and frustrations out through video games with noticeable positive results. “The research is part of a broad array of unconventional efforts that video game companies are devising to find new markets for their products. Many of these steps are based on the idea that depression and other disorders -- as well as everyday stress and worry -- involve systematic patterns of thought and self-doubt, and that games can distract people and put them in a different mental zone,” Shankar Vedantam of the Post wrote. The article went on further to explain that even other activities like Sudoku and crossword puzzles give players the chance to blow off steam, thus decreasing violent tendencies among players.

It’s not just games like Battlefield or Half-Life 2 that can alleviate stress; even casino games like slots can do the trick, too. Researchers from McGill University< found out that playing online casino games like virtual slots can reduce our levels of cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress. According to the study, casino players who participated in the test noted that they feel more relived after playing games, which correlates to the finding regarding the decline of the cortisol level among casino players. Aside from the games themselves, familiar elements in video games such as movie-based slots can create an “intimate” environment for the players, thus relieving the stress further. IGT, a Reno-based gaming manufacturer, released games based on popular culture such as the Bellagio’s Avatar slots,’s Kerrang slots, and the Wyland-themed machines. Since players are familiar with said media franchise, they feel more at ease playing those games because of their knowledge of said titles.

In the end, your preference may vary when you play games; some people may feel rage, while others may feel relieved. Like any other endeavour, games should be enjoyed moderately because anything in excess can have negative repercussions to your health.

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