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Last week Mumbai gave birth to 1737 additional food instagrammers with about 20 new weird hashtags. The reason?

Burger King is finally here in Mumbai. 


We gave this much hyped place a visit. While they're expected to open 6 outlets in both Delhi and Mumbai, they chose the Oberoi Mall, Goregaon East, as their first home in Mumbai. If you haven't had a chance to visit this joint yet, we have the experience covered in pictures. You'll know what to expect when you do find the time to visit.


The Queue


One striking thing on reaching the 3rd floor of this mall is a long serpentine queue which ends at Burger King. No surprises there. Except we went there 3 days post the weekend launch and it was surprising to see the frenzy still continuing. 




To manage the queues they've done their best with signages and barricades. A nice gentleman from their staff also comes up to you with the menu while you wait in the queue. You can utilise the waiting time to decide on your order with his help. Thoughtful indeed!

The Crown


As a part of merchandising, you can ask for a cardboard Burger King crown for yourselves and your friends. We tried it. It was embarrassing for some friends but what the hell! 



The Service


The service is worth giving a special mention to here. The long queues can get annoying if they don't move fast enough. This queue does! 


The service at the counter is visibly swift. They have 3-4 counters and they served our elaborate order of 3 meals and additionals in about 5-7 minutes which was really impressive. The staff works at a mad pace. Inface we heard on of the lady staffers shout "WHY IS NOBODY LISTENING TO ME!" when she was trying to co-ordinate. Made us chuckle, but its good to see them put in the effort and respect customers' time.



The Food

Let's talk about the real deal. The food is what all the hype is about and we finally got to lay our hands on it. We tried both the Veg and Chicken Whopper and they did not disappoint. Their focus for the Indian markets is to make their food 'juicy, crunchy and spicy'. As the CEO of Burger King India put it to Forbes, “We will have burgers that no one in India has ever had before”. Good attempt indeed.


But the one thing that stands out clearly is their fries. We tried the 'Rock-it' fries. These are served in a plastic glass with what seems like a honey and spice sauce. Bottomline; it's delicious. Must have it hot and we did. Pictures below :





Instagrammers :

The Menu



Overall, we rate it as a very good experience. It's definitely one of those places you have to go to more than once to explore the entire menu and then settle on your favorites.

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