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A quote from a popular TV show says, "Someone told me this is the place where everything's better and everything's safe". We decided to change life, as we knew it and venture into the world of the unknown. There’s nothing safe about that. But, like a bird that is thrown off a cliff we flew. 


It was 9 months ago when approximately 18 of us backed by the force of our batches undertook a journey to put up our dream festival. Yes, there were speed bumps, like there always are, but we conquered those too. We do believe in one thing with all our hearts, that if you desire something truly with blind faith, you get it, and look where we are now! 


However, there was no dearth of madness either. From bringing in sponsors to run the show, to communicating with the biggest names of the industry to judge our events, from counting the number of core meets to late night group chats, from jumping at the sight of brochures, to impromptu dances on the street on receiving good news, from planning Sunday morning meetings to making 25 cups of coffee, from marking milestones, to looking for reasons to celebrate, we've done it all, and more.


This is the moment when we finally see things starting to materialize a few days before the festival and is when we realize that it’s all real and that it has all boiled down to the three days of our last Cutting Chai. If there’s one thing we’re sure of, then it is that, this is indeed the place where everything gets better. We both cringe as we write this. 

We’ve taken friendship, patience, family, fervor and loyalty from Cutting Chai over time. At the final stage, we now stand as the core committee and proud to be part of this legacy that our seniors have created and that which we are leaving behind for our juniors to take forward. 


We, the 18 of us, are here as an entity that breathes and lives on Cutting Chai (no, seriously) in anticipation for the days to come. 


In conclusion, at the risk of sounding like a cliche, I would love to raise a cutting chai glass & toast to where credit truly is due, and to what most assuredly is the essence of Mumbai to all those privileged to be associated with this slice of life a.k.a BMM festival! 




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