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I love shopping, like every other person my age. Shopping gives me a high. It’s really a high. It’s addictive too. The whole process of looking through so many possibilities,...Read more -->
Spud In The Box Releases New Single - Lens Life
Heard of Spud In The Box ? You must have. These guys are everywhere man! So a few days ago they released a new single called 'Lens Life' (link wink...Read more -->
Smaller, Lighter PlayStation 3 Coming To India This Diwali
Christmas Diwali has come early for all ye gamers. Sony Computer Entertainment ( SCE ), has officially declared that they will be bringing the all new slimmer and lighter model...Read more -->
Tere Baap Ka Nahi Hai!
A group of college students want it know, public property vandalism needs to stop now. Love birds etching their names onto heritage sites. Buses used as punching bags on wheels...Read more -->
Movie Review : Gangs Of Wasseypur Part 2
Rating – 4/5 Anurag Kashyap is one of the best things that has happened to Bollywood in the past decade or two and only he can pull off something so...Read more -->
Paper Dance Release New Single Called ’Tail’
This is a story of four crazy-ass young boys, fed up of routine college life and the constant rant about that something missing – relatable enough? It happened sometime earlier...Read more -->
Movie Review : Cocktail
Cocktail is the perfect title for a movie like this which is nothing more than a mix of love stories that all of us have seen in the past. When...Read more -->
Joy with Jump
The next time someone tells you that Indians are not tech-savvy enough, just ignore. The next time someone tells you that Indians are not tech-savvy enough, just ignore. No? Okay...Read more -->
Movie Review : Gangs Of Wasseypur
If you are well versed with the ‘brand’ of cinema that Anurag Kashyap is usually associated with, Gangs of Wasseypur would not be a shocker for you in terms of...Read more -->
Movie Review : Shanghai
I was counting down the minutes before going to the theater for the night show that is the impact of Dibakar Banerjee on some of us. The man has a...Read more -->
Gig Review : India Rock Weekend [Day 2]
We hadn’t even fully recovered from the aura of Indus Creed form the night before and here we find ourselves at possibly the best venue for live music in the...Read more -->
Gig Review : India Rock Weekend [Day 1]
I think it’s a pretty well known fact by now that we at Whackk love, no, LOVE Indus Creed ’s music. We’ve also been appreciative of Blakc’s grunge sound. Only...Read more -->


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