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Movie Review : Agent Vinod
I have never heard a theme song this good right at the beginning of the movie. Only if I would have stepped out of the theatre right after the opening...Read more -->
Movie Review : London Paris New York
Rating – 3/5 This has to be the season of Romcoms /Chic Flicks. Few weeks back it was Ek main aur Ekk tu and if you have been following this...Read more -->
Movie Review : Paan Singh Tomar
Rating – 4/5 In last five years how many times have you come out of a movie hall with a feeling that you got more than what was promised to...Read more -->
Students at IIT Bombay Go Green
Contrary to the popular perception that IITians do not give enough back to society, students at IIT Bombay have come up with their own unique way of spreading environmental awareness...Read more -->
Been There, Done That - Symbhav '12
It has been a crazy week here in Pune , consisting mostly of hearing “SYMBHAV ! SYMBHAV ! SYMBHAV !” till your ears could not take it anymore. The Pune...Read more -->
Disclaimer : Especially to the new readers. The following post is going to be immature, profanity laden, cryptic and might try too hard to be funny or in other words...Read more -->
Which V-day character Are You?
Valentine’s Day is here. The much hyped and talked about ‘day’ of days is here to haunt the guys and thrill the girls. And these aren’t even cheap thrills if...Read more -->
Movie Review : EK Main Aur Ek Tu
When I first saw the promo of Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu I was convinced that it will not be different from any other Imran Khan movie that we have...Read more -->
Gig Review : Rock For A Cause
Rock for a cause pulled a rabbit out of its hat by getting ‘Fire On Dawson’, a German act, to headline the concert this year in Mumbai. Joining them were...Read more -->
Band Interview : Fire On Dawson
*/ Being the online media partners of ‘Rock For A Cause’ comes with its own set of privileges. One of them was to get to talk to the headlining band...Read more -->
Game Review - Fifa Manager 2012
A lot of us have the wannabe-manager keeda in us. We all like the sense of absolute power, where men will run errands at a mere sound of our voice...Read more -->
Gig Review : Livewire [Karnivool]
When people hear about Mood Indigo, a fest by IIT Bombay, they always wonder, will Mood I top last year's shindig? The answer every year has been the same, they...Read more -->


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