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Direction : Varun Tandon Cinematography : Anubhav Syal Editing & Music : Amitesh Mukherjee 2nd Camera & Creative Associate: Yashveer Singh Story: Krati Tandon & Varun Tandon Screenplay & Dialogues...Read more -->
Band Interview : Blakc
Blakc , a hard alternative/ grunge band started off as a small time band from Mumbai. Their 6 year journey from that day on has matured them in every musical...Read more -->
Bassment Jaxx [bg| location = Bassment Jaxx | thumbcolumns = 3| thumbwidth = 235| thumbmaxshow = 50 ] Bhayanak Maut [bg| location = Bhayanak Maut| thumbcolumns = 3| thumbwidth =...Read more -->
Band Interview : Dark Octaves Of Sin
Dark Octaves of Sin is a Deathcore / Groove Metal band from Chandigarh . The band started off as a college band, playing some live shows locally till they finally...Read more -->
Why popping out children is the worst idea ever!
Happy children’s day to brats everywhere!!!! May you break things with renewed vigour and whatnot. With that said, we shall now proceed to tell you about birds and bees and...Read more -->
Baal Diwas!
Mostly everyone reading this is now safely out of their teens. If you’re into your teens, I’m hoping it’s the late teens. And if even that’s not the case, beta...Read more -->
Movie Review : Rockstar
Rating - 3/5 So here's a movie which has been on everyone's 'Movie to watch this year' list. ROCKSTAR , the first image that you get in your head is...Read more -->
Game Review: Dead Rising 2 : Off the Record
Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is a reinterpretation of Dead Rising 2 with a new Protagonist, small changes to the original story plus a new area in the city...Read more -->
Band Interview: Culminant
What started off as a group of youngsters looking for some way to spend the weekends doing something productive, come Undergrind Fest 2011 at Bangalore saw the rise of the...Read more -->
Author Talk : Ruchita Misra (The (in)Eligible Bachelors)
Whackk’s very own, Christopher catches up with Ruchita Misra the new sensational author of ‘The (In)eligible Bachelors’. In this candid interview over the phone from half way across the planet,...Read more -->
Band Interview : Tantra
Because we are such busy people and don't have the time to do intros to interviews ourselves, we are going to ask the band to do the honours once again!...Read more -->
How To : Disable Metro UI in Windows 8 (Using MetroController or Start Menu Toggle)
The latest version of Windows is up for preview for developers and non-developing curious people. If you haven't downloaded it yet, you can get it from here . If you...Read more -->