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Parents. The source of most of our knowledge, behaviour and character traits. We are but a reflection of our childhood throughout the rest of our lives. The way you’re brought up has a direct impact on how big a jerk you turn out to be in life. How is it that we could ever forget about honouring the very people who made me, you and all of us, the pimps we are today?

Have you ever noticed how friends from different backgrounds have a somewhat stereotypical nature? Somewhat. Yes, I’m now going to blame the parents for it.


North Indian Parents


This would include all of the north. U.P, Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi etc etc. When it comes to similarities, the north indians are very similar to each other. Parenting skills included.

These parents beat the living crap out of their kids. This makes the kids behave abnormally well in front of uncles, aunties and relatives. But when the kids get their little taste of freedom, these deprived mofos go wild. They do all those ‘wrong’ things like there’s no tomorrow.

Once in a blue moon, the kid gets angry and locks himself out. The north Indian parents will tempt him with the bait of their awesomated food. The poor kid falls for that, always! If he doesn’t, the weapon always works. ONE TIGHT SLAP! And all the issues are magically sorted. Awwww….

South Indian Parents


South Indian parents are like the true personification of a parenting book writing during the medieval times. These books had four chapters :

  1. Children must study.
  2. Children must top.
  3. Children must grow up to be engineers/doctors/scientists.
  4. Children must not have a life.

Maybe we’re being too harsh on south Indian parents here but we’re somewhere very close to the truth. You know it. South Indians are as fascinated by books as they are with gold and coconuts. If you don’t get a 90% plus in your exams they’ll hit you with encyclopedias. And if you well, you earn yourself a brand new issue of Tinkle or Amar Chitra Katha, depending on your preferences.

These are the kids that are presented to us as examples by our parents.
“Look at Swami Natarajan. He studies so hard and makes his parents proud by topping the class every year. And look at you, you wasted son of a …”
“But dad, he doesn’t have a life. Or friends. Precisely because he’s a perfectionist.”
Alas, we could only say that last part in our head.

Bengali/Oriya/North Eastern Parents


These guys are possibly the BEST parents a kid can dream of. Theirs are the kids envied by the entire class. They carry the best toys, books, instruments, cloths and sports gear. Even though they might suck at playing cricket and you may be Sachin reincarnated, the Bengali kid will have the entire cricket kit and you, like a poor deprived chap, will have to borrow it from him.

Long story cut short, these parents know how to pamper their kids. I have literally seen such hilarious scenes outside exam halls. Mother holds a coconut (the kid sips from it), father holds an umbrella in one hand and the text book in the other. The kid, like royalty, stands there reading from the book while sipping on coconut water. No, this is not an infant I’m talking about, it’s a bloody 16 year old!

But yes, their food stinks. Really bad!


Gujarat/Sindhi/Marwari Parents

If there was ever an MBA in finance introduced in secondary schools, which by the way is very much a possibility at the rate this MBA crazy nation is going, then the faculty would be these parents. Without the shadow of a doubt. They will overload and overfeed children with the idea that money is everything in this world. Which is not true.

Ok ok it is true. But you’re not supposed to say that to kids and make them evil and calculative. These little buggers trick their friends into spending for everything. Their friendship, love affairs are all related to money in some way or the other. Which is why they live comfortable lives. And we....rant!

So yeah. If we offended anyone here, we really don’t care. We all judge. Don’t crib over this. Get a life. Go out and play or something. Love you too!

The Whackk Team


Once upon a time there was a V.R

once upon a time there was a K.T

They were extremely jobless and weird

So to sound cool and all in front of the world they created WHACKK!

And thus was formed the whackk team!

And so ends tonight's bedtime story!

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