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Sometime ago, I was acting all cranky, irritated and generally pissed off. All this was accompanied with some really weird dreams that I can’t talk about. That was totally unlike me and I just couldn’t put my finger on the cause.

No, it wasn’t ‘that time of the month’. What with me being a guy and all.

People told me I was showing the classic withdrawal symptoms. But I don’t smoke, don’t do drugs. Don’t indulge in any such vices.

No, seriously, I don't.

Then, withdrawal symptoms? How?

So I went to a shrink, to analyse my dreams. She said it’s lack of sex that’s bringing me down.

Not really, that’s just a line from Basket Case. With her help, I finally figured out what my problem was. Although, I suspect lack of sex might be a problem too. Just saying.
I had not read any books for 4 months!

Damn! On weekdays, I am too busy with college and stuff. Weekends, I am too lazy to make that trip to the bookstore and get myself a nice read. Don’t you dare judge me.

That’s when I realized one of my best friends could help me out with this life threatening problem. THE INTERNET!

Surprisingly there are quite a bunch of Indian sites that let you order books online and deliver them to your doorstep – that too with a discount!

Details – here :

Flipkart is one of the sites that will deliver books right to your doorstep. Many refer to it as the Amazon (although I shouldn’t have to – not the forest, the online store) of India.

It has a pretty huge collection of books and really good discounts. The whole process of ordering a book is extremely simple and does not take you much time. Payment options include paying via credit card and cash on delivery.
They say the delivery time for an order is around 3-4 days. My order took 4 days, so I am guessing they have a decent enough track record on timely delivery – although I don’t have the numbers to support that assumption.

Flipkart also has a pretty active community of users who regularly post reviews of books that they read. These reviews are easily accessible through the book’s page thus helping you make an informed decision.




Indiaplaza has been around for quite sometime and is very similar to Flipkart in terms of look and feel. It even offers discounts similar to Flipkart and on some books it’s even more (by a percent or two).

Delivery of an order supposedly takes 3-5 working days which is decent enough. They too have a huge collection of books and the latest bestsellers are all there.

The books are properly categorized and presented in an attractive manner. Ordering did not seem to a problem. They have a toll free number which you can use in case you do encounter any problems or have any questions.



Landmark on the net

This is the web home of the famous Landmark bookstore.
Landmark stores are famous for having a good collection of books and their online store is no different. The discounts offered are similar to the ones available on the other two.

The design and interface is slightly cluttered and not so neatly organized. But you will survive.

Landmark too has a number you can contact them on if you run into problems or have questions. You might feel more secure and confident using this site, knowing that they have a physical presence too.




Anyways, that’s all there is to say about these sites. Check them out. Happy reading!

P.S : If you know of any other good sites like these, do comment and let me know.

Vivek Ranjan

Reader! Before you go, I just want to say you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I!

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