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Now we’ve all seen and heard enough to know that our dear G.Ones and Ra.Ones are not going to change lives…or ever feature at comic con again. However, the question which remains is, why didn’t a superhero of a pretty decent magnitude by Bollywood standards didn’t manage to make waves!?!

He didn’t because he did the same shit which every other Hollywood superhero’s already done a 100 years back. There’s nothing which surprises you, or makes you go hey! I should wear this guy on a t- shirt! However, in the deepest darkest realm of raj comics, in musty corners, there are superheroes that will blow your mind. The real Indian superheroes, who although mostly are rip offs, still manage to kickass.

My peeps, I give you, the superheroes which Bollywood should actually be making movies on!

Superhero #1: NAGRAJ


Nagraj is like the spiderman of indie comics. Only, instead of cobwebs, he has snakes shooting out of his hands! His blood, instead of WBCs contains tiny snakes. His venom is strong enough to actually melt a human body. And If that wasn’t enough, he has hypnotic powers and can turn into a gigantic snake at will. Nagraj is probably the most powerful superhero in RC universe.



Now IMAGINE a movie on Nagraj and look me in the eye and tell me that you won’t be blown away!



Superhero #2: Super Commando



A hulk (hunk) of a man, Super commando Dhruv has no real superpowers. He beats his villains with a combination of science, martial arts and minor gadgets. Born and bought up in a circus, Dhruv commands a small team called the commando force, which helps him fight crime. Animal and birds are his allies and he can breathe underwater. He, like Batman, does not believe in killing human beings, just injuring them enough to nab them.





Superhero # 3: PARMANU



Parmanu's costume, given to him by his uncle (professor K.K) gives him super-powers like flying, size-manipulation and ability to atomize. The Costume also provides several atomic based powers, including atomic rays, teleportation, shrink rays. His high-tech belt has buttons that enable him to switch from one form to other. His suit can even resist nuclear explosions. While he’s not out there fighting crime as a superhero, he fights crime as Inspector Vinay, a police officer in New Delhi.


Surperhero #4 : DOGA




Doga is a vigilante who believes in "Uprooting the problem rather than solving it". He does not believe in upholding the laws and rules of the world since he considers the whole system corrupt. He was found in a dumpster by Halkan singh, a dacoit, who treated him like a dog. The horrors he had to witness while in Halkan’s care, turned him into a psychopath. He is probably the first anti hero character in Raj comics

In 2008, Anurag Kashyap, planned that he would make a movie on Doga. Lets see how THAT goes.


Superhero # 5 : BHOKAL



Bhokal is probably one of the best loved historical character in Raj comics. He descended on earth on a mission and ended up staying and protecting Vikasnagar. By calling out his teacher’s name on the battlefield, Bhokal acquires super human attributes. He also receives the mystical Sword and Shield of his master. The swords can cut through everything and can emit a mystical fire from it’s edge, making it a pretty darn good weapon.

If Bollywood decides to gives Bhokal a shot, it’ll turn out to be the single most awesome thing ever!

These are the superheroes who, when made into a movie, will have the biggest cult following in the history of the Indian cinema.

Also, I’m going to name one of my future kids/cats Nagraj. I kid you not.

Mahima Mathur

Im a bored coffee slugging cynic, who wants to be a wishy washy green tea sipping believer.

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