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Click. Search. Click. Read

Imagine that being the whole process of acquiring that latest book your friend suggested. Millions and millions of such books. Available to you within seconds – just a click here and few touches/keystrokes away.

No men, I ain’t talking about a distant future scenario. It’s happening right here, right now!

With the advent of hand-held e-book readers like the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPad searching, acquiring and reading a book does not mean going all the way to your neighbourhood bookstore and buying that book = no out of stock problems.

But the advent of e-books and their readers has led to highly ferocious debate among readers. Many of them, being purists and completely trashing the digital equivalents of their best friends (I mean books, sheesh).
Many of you must have had the pretty horrifying and boring experience a e-book on your computer. Doing the same on your Kindle is just so not the same. Mainly because the manufacturers realized what a strain reading such books on a display screen is.. and went on to create an amazingle awesome display that does not at all strain your eyes.

But that’s where the goodness stops. Right now, on my bookshelf I have at least 7 books that have been borrowed by me from my friends. There are few more, but I don’t see myself returning them in the near future. Or the distant. That is completely impossible to do with e-books. Why? Cos being the capitalistic bitches that these publishers and manufacturers are, they put restrictions on sharing digital forms of their works. Not cool.

Then, do you remember all those times you curled up in your bed to read a book and fell asleep while reading? Imagine doing that with a brick like gadget in your hands. Let me paint a picture with my imaginary brushes for you. You do what you have to. Get comfortable. Take that book you are reading. You feel sleepy, yet you continue reading. And then THUNK! That brick like gadget falls on your face breaking your nose! Damn! Will that hurt!

Don’t get me wrong. I am completely for innovation and a tech freak at heart. But there are some things that just should not change in a person’s life. Like their gender or the way they read books. But going at the rate that we are, methinks that soon enough we will be doing all our reading on these stupid gadgets!


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