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We believe enough has been and will be debated about the big four in the Barclays premier league. The latest results notwithstanding Man city are truly becoming a force to reckon with. Even for a purist supporter (Yours truly is an arsenal supporter), city have arrived and how. Here are a few reasons albeit the lazy journalism as to why City should be feared if not revered.


1. Pounds Baby

Single handedly after real Madrid, Manchester city are the single richest club who spend money like it is going to go out of fashion. They have spent a lot in the past few seasons. And its not gone all in vain, right from the first big coupe Robinhio (who flopped) to the current Aguero . They never failed to provide fodder to the transfer market.


2. Solid Defense

What the brain of real lacks, the investors in city certainly possess. In their captain Vincent Kompany they surely have one of the meanest defense in the premier league season, add to it the ever reliable Micah Richards and versatile kolarov. They sure are one defense which won’t collapse with a breeze.


3. Attack

The attacking array of options is just mouthwatering, screw the purists. Imagine an attacking combination of Aguero, Ballotelli and Dzeko. IT sure is going to be a puzzle how you would arrange those three but if you can compromise a 3 man defense it surely seems probable. And the only job for the opposition goalie would be to pick the ball out of the net.


4. David Silva

Every male footballer has a man crush for someone. Apart from David Luiz, Fernando Torres and Ronaldo for most. Mine is Silva, the fellow no taller than 5’7” has a phenomenal first touch. His agility, vision and decision making are probably only second to Fabregas and or Xavi. His assist to Milner from their game against Everton adds a few quid’s to my argument.

But arguably their buy of the season and a fantastic game maker, he surely has an onus on his hands to entertain us.


5. Entertainment

Vanity and eccentricity are two bitches of the riches. A 200,000 pound a week Tevez refuses to play as a substitute. An equally over paid 20 year old gets caught with 6000 pounds in a minor car accident and a few more of these funny tantrums sure give a wet dream to the lazy as fuck English journalists. Many featuring on Mirror and Sun.

Without their craziness some of these Muppets wouldn’t be able to place a roof over their head.

For all those crying out loud that Manchester City are ruining the sport of football by paying huge wages, all I have to say is MEH. As long as money remains a motivating factor, there is nothing you can do about it. Man United poached Ronaldo (whose first signing amount was the football kit for a year). Barcelona poached Messi from Argentina (as the local club and Messi couldn’t pay for growth hormone deficiency).

The big clubs court players like a woman whom they want to marry, take out to dinner pay for the ring and trade their balls to buy the blue ray edition of Eat, Pray, Love.

Man City just wake up in the morning stuff a fistful of dollars on the dressing table and leave a note. 

Dhanesh Gandhi

My name is Dhanesh Gandhi. I am a computer programmer by the day and terribly bored by the night. I eventually admitted to my self that I can never be a super hero. So I tend to write stuff which tickle my gray matter. I love politics, trashy movie, trashier movie stars, people,cricket,football and computers.

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