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Though they’ve invariably been a bone of contention, sensuousness and intimacy has always been a part of Hindi Cinema. How else do you explain the wet pallu over conical assets that go as way back as the 1930s? Believe it or not the first Bollywood kissing scene was in the 1933 film Karma; a 4minute long kissing scene at that, expressing their love and lust. Over the decades, the society has grown up to not completely reject the idea of kissing and even the filmmakers are open to shooting the scenes aesthetically and not just for eye grabs.

Let’s go over the top 10 most memorable kissing scenes in good ol’ Bolly over the last two decades, shall we?

1. The Raja Hindustani Kiss (1996)

The steamy kiss in the rain between the cute Taxi driver and his ‘memsahab’ was probably one of the first few ‘real’ kisses to have captured the imagination. It wasn’t a cheat-kiss and was long enough to send chills down the spine (and other body parts, if you must!). The scenic beauty and the transition from trance to shock for both parties just add to the impact of the scene.


2. The Khwahish Kiss (2003)

It’s no great secret that Reema Lamba aka Mallika Sherawat became a household name not exactly because of her acting abilities. If it wasn’t for her 17 kisses stunt in this movie that overshadowed completely her co-star Himanshu and the non-existent script, we probably wouldn’t have felt a sense of Deja Vu in Murder (’04) or have been able to see her in her current ‘job profile’ of an item girl.

3. The Murder Kiss (2004)

Emran Hashmi owes his career to his single body part: his lips. He kissed his way to fame and fortune from this movie, given his ‘serial-kisser’ tag which he wore with ever so much élan. It’s only very recently that he has opted for a career move and is showcasing his other body parts too in meatier roles. However, you can’t think of Bollywood kissing without him.

4. The Kyun! Ho Gaya Na? Kiss. (2004)

The fateful year wherein Vivek Oberoi used to accept his relationship with Aishwarya Rai with just as much zeal as Rai used to deny it saw the blink-and-you-miss kiss in the 2004 flick. It’s memorable because of the build up the scene had garnered around it pre release and had obviously fallen flat on its face. In retrospect, you want to be happy for Oberoi because maybe this scene was the closest memory he has with Rai, post his infamous press conference. Sigh.

5. The Dhoom 2 Kiss (2006)

Anything Mrs. Aishwarya Bachchan does become a national concern. It was almost like the entire nation was preggers along with her last year. Similarly, it was like the nation was being kissed onscreen in 2006 when Ash and Duggu shared their passion in the movie. The Bachchan bahu faced a lot of media flak and moral policing post it. The kiss was well shot. The movie was a blockbuster. Enough said.

6. The Jab We Met Kiss (2007)

Like, we hadn’t had enough of their face sucking from their MMS leak; we had to go through it again in 2007. It’s not the general lack of chemistry that makes this kiss memorable per se, but the hoopla around it given Shahid-Bebo recent break up. Added, it was a sweet ending to a very nice movie.

7. The Kurbaan Kiss (2009)

Bebo did it again. Only this time, it was hotter and with her new beau- Saifuuu. They shed all their inhibitions... and clothes... in their extended onscreen make out. Backed by a super powerful song ‘Rasiya’, this kissing scene is by far one of the sexiest ever, in every sense of the word. Talk about showcasing the private in public.

8. The Ishqiya Kiss (2010)

Vidya Balan being almost man handled into her kiss with Arshad Warsi has a certain raw appeal to it. Even though Vidya’s thumb sucking act from the movie gathered more attention, the kiss is fairly popular too. The kissing moment in the film is stunning. What stays with you is the lack of redundant background music in the scene; a welcome change, that.


9. The Shaitan Kiss (2011)

By now filmmakers and audiences have grown up alike. No longer is kissing a selling point of the movie or a taboo. The year saw a lot of kisses from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara to Sahib, Biwi, Gangster to Ladies V/s Rickey Behl... So let’s just quote the girl-on-girl action for kicks from the movie Shaitan, here. Kalki Koechlin and Kirti Kulhari slip into the wild girl mode, teasing the viewers with a fleeting but evocative peck on the lips.

10. 2012

The year has just begun. Here’s hoping a lot of lip smackin’ and smoochin’ for issued in public interest and private pleasure. “Mwah”!

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