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A friend once looked over my movie stash, and erm… snorted.
‘You call this a collection?’ my friend’s heavily pencilled eyebrows shot up. Her face is expressive, she has beautiful eyes but spoils the effect with her eccentric make-up. That day she looked at me, her eyes wide and her eyeshadow a colour my 5 year old cousin would call vomit green. Unfortunate.
‘Umm…Yes?’ I hazarded.
She shook her head. ‘No. No. What I have is a movie collection. What you have’, nostrils flared, ‘is junk.’

Errr…Not For Me!

Arthouse movies, unfortunately, repel quite a few people. Ghouls eloping with runaway brides, serious old fogeys talking endlessly to one another, movies with no funky songs, no jazz, no masala- or so they think.

What Is It, For God’s Sake?

Art films are not just for the literati or the snobbish set with their extensive collections of Monet and Manet. They are for everyone. Over the years, the genre has mutated and changed, mutated and changed, just like life. Or, like that crush you have on the girl next door, supplemented by movies like ‘KKKG’ or ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, until you meet her Adonis-type boyfriend and you start to watch movies of a different kind.

What Can I Watch?

Here are a few directors whose films might make you think this ‘junk’ is something a lot better. 

Anurag Kashyap

Ah, Anurag Kashyap. I would say enough said, but it’s an article! I’d go on and on about him but I have a word limit! I wouldn’t exactly say his films are art house movies, but they are extremely creative and artistically done. Watch ‘That Girl In Yellow Boots’ and ‘No Smoking’. You’ve hopefully watched ‘Dev D’. If you haven’t, well, I’m sorry for you. So go watch!

Vera Chytilova

This Czech filmmaker is a firebrand. Her fun, snazzy ‘Sedmikrasky’ (‘Daisies’) is a treat, a truly original film and one of the best feminist movies of its age. Its protagonists are simply amazing. Respect! 

Jean-Luc Godard

This French director helped usher in the ‘New Wave’ movement. Famous for movies like ‘Weekend’, and ‘A Married Woman’, his movies won’t make you bored at all! Au contraire, you’d become an addict like moi. And you could pick up some French too and impress the ladies.

Satyajit Ray

Last in this list, but definitely, definitely, not the least. Regarded as one of the best.directors.ever. Awards after more awards. Watch ‘Pather Panchali’ and swoon. Other notable films of his- ‘Aparajito’, ‘Apur Sansar’.



When I Go ‘So?’ And You Go ‘So…’

A convert now? Even if you aren’t , watch a few of these films to engage, at least for a few hours, in a purer, gentler world, a world where you can be free from Adonis and his lovesick mate, a world where your mother doesn’t scream at you for not doing your laundry. Again. You could just chug chug away in a train into the light. If wishes were horses…..

Mitz Iyer

An engineer (hopefully), a foodie (earnestly), a writer (predictably). An avial, you say?

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