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Late Yash Chopra was known as the king of romance. He was a gifted craftsman and his craft was making beautiful films. His territory was not just restricted to that of romance as showcased in films like Kabhie Kabhie and Dil To Paagal Hai but it also included high octane dramas like Darr and Deewaar.  His final film is definitely not his best but it’s not a letdown either.

The story might seem unconvincing and the duration might seem an hour too long but these are unavoidable if you’re looking forward to a dramatic masala romance that Yash Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan are known for.  There are quite a few flaws in the story, technicalities of bomb diffusion and other stuff but if you’re willing to suspend/tweak your beliefs for 3 hours you’ll not mind watching this one.

Once you walk out of the theatre it’s not about remembering those flaws, it’s about the beautiful cinematography of the film, performances of almost all the actors and that essence of epic dramatic romances that Bollywood is known for.
The music is good. Songs like Heer, challa and the background score are actually good but you tend to expect much more from A.R. Rahman and it’s not the music which will let you down but the expectation of something great that will.

Shah Rukh Khan, the undisputed icon of romance of our generation can safely call this one as his comeback film. The man lifts this film and the story on his shoulders and does a good job. This is what SRK fans were waiting for and he has delivered on his home turf. The way he switches between the fun Samar and Major Samar Anand is spell binding. Also it is a romantic movie for SRK after ages so he does full justice to the dialoguebaazi as well. He looks charming and dapper throughout the movie.

Katrina Kaif can also remember this one for the rest of her life for all the right reasons. She has improved in the acting department, looks ravishing and smoking hot throughout the movie. She also seems to be the best dancing actress in bollywood right now (No, Isha Sharvani does not count). She has done a good job with the character of Meera and this is one of her best performances.

Anushka Sharma looks fantastic and is the live wire of this movie. She brings a lot of spark and life to the otherwise slow paced love story as Akira. There are scenes where a smile on her face brings a smile on your face as well (or maybe that is just me). She should count this one as a special performance.

Thanks to Mr. Yash Chopra for all the entertainment and memories of those beautiful films. He was a great ambassador for this industry and a director who followed his heart. His final film is a clear example of that.
If you love epic romantic sagas and are willing to sit for three hours then don’t hesitate to go for this one.

Rating – 3/5

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