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So here we have a suspense thriller that masses and classes both took a note of, courtesy the stars,
the maker and the production house. The anticipation and expectations were high. Let’s be honest
here that suspense thriller as a genre is not something that we’ve seen the best of in Bollywood
films. Either they’re heavily borrowed or they’re heavily traumatizing. The one in question right now
is not the best one till date; it’s just a notch higher than what you usually get to see in the name of
suspense thriller.

Reema Kagti the woman who made the fizzy and breezy Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd., has made a
very audacious attempt by making a suspense thriller which will definitely not go unnoticed. Her
direction is remarkable, but it’s the story which will be the centrepiece of all the debates. The story
is not half baked or poor, you’ll either fall for it or you’ll detest it. The cinematography is glossy and
manages to captivate your attention all throughout (look out for the scene involving red and yellow
drapes, breathtaking!). Ram Sampath, the man behind the terrific music and the subtle background
score which does not over power the sequences at any point during the movie deserves a pat on the


It’s futile to pass any judgement or comments about Aamir Khan’s acting capacity. He shows up
once in a while and gives teaching lessons to the other khans and the younger lot through his
performances on screen. Once again he has lived a character on screen and this time it’s Inspector
Surjan Singh Shekhawat. The intensity and the depth that Aamir manages to extract from the script
and portrays on screen makes this movie worthwhile.

Rani Mukherjee as the affected wife and mother Roshni is very good and rekindles the hope of her
fans who were subjected to the wrath of ‘Aiyaa’. Kareena Kapoor as Rosie might remind you of
her earlier stint as ‘Chameli’ but I find this performance much better than that one. She along with
Aamir is one of the plus points of this movie.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui deserves all the accolades that an actor is entitled to, considering the
performances that he has delivered this year (Kahaani, GoW I & II and now Talaash). He has
effortlessly portrayed the tough role of Temur and done full justice to it. Another man who is
having an equally good track record is Raj Kumar Yadav, who has played the role of Devrath. His
performance is remarkable as well.

This one is gripping and thrilling in parts. Watch it for the performances, music and cinematography
if you already know the story.

P.S – In this age of social media it’s a tough job to make a suspense film and keep the story under
wraps. People who give away spoilers should learn to respect the art of storytelling and craft of film

Abhishek Gurbani

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