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There is a bleak and dead aura about sitting at home and watching TV at night, especially after 10 pm. Because the programs after that time are usually intended for pathetic, jobless people who have nothing better to do. And as of this moment, you are one of them. But then I saw epic-ness which is Late Night American Television. And I was hooked.

You could call whatever they broadcast as talk shows, but that hardly does justice to them. The basic format is an opening monologue, a skit or a pre-recorded thing, interviews with the guests and finally a musical performance or some stand-up comedian.

There is a strong sub-culture which supports this kind of television, because it is aimed at mostly the 18+ demographic. And the most important part of the show has to be the host and the band.  Some popular hosts:

Craig Ferguson



This guy has lead a truly bad-ass life. Born in Scotland, he dropped out of school, joined a few punk rock bands, became a good drummer. Then started his journey into madness
He became an alcoholic, did a truckload of drugs, courted women all over the world. His autobiography reads like a list of all the things our parents keep warning us against doing. His comic timing is impeccable and he is absolutely shameless in front of the camera. He takes self-depreciating humour to another level. He instantly puts the guests at ease and always has the most exotic women on his show as guests.


Conan O’Brien



The flaming haired Irishman was once an executive producer and script writer for The Simpsons. Now he is the only late night show host who can say “Bush can kiss my ass” and not get censored. Known for being extremely random and shaking his hips everytime he kills it with a joke (his String Dance) .

David Letterman


The grand old man of Late Night TV and most famous (or infamous) for absolutely destroying ol’ Bill Clinton for his ‘Monicagate’ fiasco. Then goes on to have a torrid office affair of his own. You know you’ve made it when you are the first guest in an episode of Letterman. He’s interviewed Obama, Madonna (including the infamous f-word rant which was never telecast) and had Drew Barrymore flash him on live TV. That says it all.


Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon


Aimed at the yuppie crowd with a more upbeat vibe to their shows. These guys are funny but just as scathing as the best of professional news reporters. Kimmel for one is infamous for his elaborate pranks, gags and uses YouTube and social issues a lot. Matt Damon is regularly ridiculed on his show, though they are friends in real life.

Fallon on the other hand is more energetic, a talented musician and a fantastic mimic and another one of SNL alumnus to enter Late Night TV.

Jay Leno


Equally hated and ridiculed. Very popular back in the day now his brand of slapstick and mellow humour is the staple of America’s family TV.

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