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Vishal Bhardwaj is in many ways a notorious film maker and this film is the perfect example of that. The film is nowhere close to his earlier works, but, at the same time the genre and the treatment is such that he can proudly flaunt it on his list. You’ll find the Vishal Bhardwaj elements in the film but the film is not completely soaked in them.

The music is good; my personal favourite is ‘Khamakha’, a melodious tune full of expressive lyrics. The dialogues are really good at places and evoke the underlying humour in the script. Gulaabi Bhains might seem creepy to Mr. Mandola but it gets the maximum applause from the audience. She is undoubtedly one of the stars of this film.

Pankaj Kapoor as Mr. Mandola is the star of this show. He manages to engage and entice the audience whenever he is on the screen and gets the loudest of cheers & applause from the audience in scenes. His performance is good enough to over shadow Imran Khan and Anushka Sharma’s entire acting career.  If you’re going for the movie only to watch him then you will not feel cheated.

Imran Khan tries hard to impress the audience with his haryanvi accent and appearance but his acting works only in a handful of romantic, emotional and smart scenes which make him look reasonably good and bearable. Humour is not really his forte, at least not the crude humour.  He can probably stick to his urban humour and the rich kid roles to gain more popularity but he’ll have to work really hard on his body language to do a crude or powerful role like Matru.

Shabana Azmi as the politician who dons sports shoes and a mother of a useless son is superb. Her character is a clear dig on both men and women politicians. Watch out for her monologue where she is explaining the timeline of the country to the dumb Badal (Arya Babbar), a definite high point of the film.

Anushka Sharma has made a living out of characters like ‘Bijlee’ so it’s just another routine task for her. She is good but this is getting repetitive. Sorry Anushka, I might have whistled at you when you were bathing with those buffaloes but it’s high time you showed us some variety along with those long legs.

Arya Babbar suits the character of Badal so much that it seems like he is playing himself on the screen. Very annoying and stupid character but a good performance by Junior Babbar. (At least he is doing better than other ‘juniors’.)

This is definitely not a master piece or VB’s best but it has its moments in forms of dialogues and performances.

The film is like that bottle of alcohol which gives you a good high once you are drunk but is poured in moderate amounts.

Abhishek Gurbani

Motion picture lover, Chikna Vakeel, on the rocks relationship with Whisky, soon to be Law and Business grad. O.o

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