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There are pioneers in every field of life. These are people who push the bar with every piece of work. They want to venture into the unknown because it doesn’t scare them. This is what excites them. After watching Interstellar, the world must look at Nolan in that light and nothing less.




The beginning of this movie is slow but very steady. In terms of speed, this movie is like a tank. It starts off noisy, grumpy and slow. But once it picks up speed and momentum, you better jump on it else it’ll run over you.  Every Nolan fan goes into watching his movies with a microscopic vision because that’s the beauty of his cinema. The details!



Most sci-fi movies stick to the realm of science and fantasy and then forcefully inject a sentimental human element to it to make it relatable. In this movie, you will see a script-writer finally bridge that gap. Not a single emotional scene in this film feels unnecessary in hindsight. Everything has meaning, depth and contribution to the story. 

If you’re a fan who’s busy chomping popcorn off during the duller sequences of a movie, try not to buy popcorn for this experience. This movie will take every theory of relativity funda you’ve read in textbooks and place it right in front of your eyes. No beating about the bush, plain visual awe.  See the video below to get a glimpse of the amount of detailing an almost mad scientist like Nolan can insist for.


Watch what lengths Nolan went to  for getting that Blackhole just right :

Overall, this movie is a piece of work. It’ll leave you drained, exhausted, bewildered even. But this is the one movie of this year that you just cannot afford to miss. Any review trying to rate this movie with graphical stars is a sham. This movie can only be rated on intergalactic stars. Imagine a lot of them.


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