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Fairy tales have a mystical charm attached to them which makes them endearing. The makers of Shaandaar have captured this fairy tale like charm and blended it in to the plot of the film. The look and feel of Shaandaar makes it seem more of a Disney movie (for good) than the recent Khoobsurat which was produced by the entertainment giant. 
While there are massive expectations from the film because of Vikas Bahl, he has cleverly ventured in to an avenue quite different from his previous outing Queen and succeeded to a certain extent. One cannot compare this film to Mr. Bahl’s prior work Queen as both films are completely different in terms of genre and characters. One of the noticeable aspect of his direction in this film is the lucidity and flexibility with which every character gets its share of spotlight. Credit must go to Mr. Bahl for spraying the ‘itar’ of freshness on this not-so-novel storyline.  
Anvita Dutt Guptan, the proficient lady behind the dialogues and screenplay keeps the viewers hooked on to what is otherwise supposed to be a predictable affair. For instance, Choodiyaan pehen lo - a phrase/dialogue the interpretation of which can vary depending on the scenario in which it is used, Ms. Guptan has cleverly inserted this dialogue in a literal scenario but ensures that the viewers get the metaphor as well.  
Amit Trivedi’s music is like potent and flavourful cocktails in between the sequences. The film has been shot at breath taking locations in UK and Poland including the destination/house of wedding which as rightly pointed out by the ‘sort of twin sisters’ in the film is “so K3G”. There are waterfalls and alleys that surely make every frame worthy of a postcard picture. 
Both the leading actors Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor seem to have enjoyed playing their parts in this film as the same is evident from their comfort on screen. Their chemistry, one of the assets of the film, is cute and fits the story line. Miss Bhatt in her role of Alia, the princess of this fairy tale plays her part well and seems to be growing in terms of confidence with every outing on the screen. The younger Kapoor is his usual charming self and delivers a pleasing performance. Scenes between Shahid and Pankaj Kapoor lift the film every time the both of them come together on the screen. Pankaj Kapoor stamps the role of Bipin with his credibility and prowess as an actor. It’ll be unfair not to talk about the youngest Kapoor, Sanah Kapoor and the potential that she has displayed in her debut film. Her sheen gives the Fandwani bling a run for its money and she is the only bearable element of the otherwise shoddy climax. 
Yes, the climax of the film is shoddy and seems to be the weakest link of the film. There is a good intention behind the climax, it carries a relevant and much needed message but the execution of the climax and the affairs around it have been overdone just like Harry Fandwani’s (Sanjay Kapoor) accent and attire. 
My take: Shaandaar with its fairy tale like charm, sparkling characters and upbeat music makes for a worth watch if you manage to look beyond its climax.

Abhishek Gurbani

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