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Reader! Before you go, I just want to say you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I!
College According to Bollywood
Q 1. Prove that Bollywood directors, writers, etc live in a parallel universe. Ans. : To Prove That - Bollywood directors, writers, etc live in a parallel universe and have... Read More -->
Band Of The Month : Def Leppard
They are British. They are Rockers. Basically, the most awesome type of people to walk this Earth. Also, they can make your iPods climax . Say hello to Def Leppard... Read More -->
5 Movies That Make You Want To Drop Everything And Get High!
Stoners and heroin junkies are a popular subject for the people over at Hollywood to make movies on. Stoners are fun and movies about them are fun. Other substance junkies... Read More -->
Tekk That!
All About : Screen Resolutions
Starting this month we introduce a new series where you ask us technology related questions and if we think you deserve an answer or we have the time to respond,... Read More -->
6 Things NOT To Do This New Years Eve
Whoa! That's the bling-iest start to any of our articles, ever! I don’t mean to tell you how to lead your life. That would be bloody presumptuous, arrogant, pretentious and... Read More -->
A few weeks ago an old man with a Gandhi topi, sweeped India off it’s feet and helped spawn a whole new generation of Blackberry armed armchair activists. You acted... Read More -->
Tekk That!
How To : Make Your Internet Speed Faster
Internet speeds in India suckass . Even yours’, smartass with a 4MBps connection. If you want to speedup your Internet connection and make it work faster, just follow this one... Read More -->
After Steve Jobs : Next is What?
You have already read, heard and seen all about Apple, it’s glorious past and how the mega-awesome-God-like creature called Steve Jobs steered the company to greatness, revolutionising three industries (phone,... Read More -->
Author Talk - Shaiju Mathew
If you haven't yet heard about the book 'Knocked Up' then I am assuming you are pretty friendless or are surrounded by dumb friends :p 'Knocked Up' is the new... Read More -->
Author Talk : Anish Sarkar of Benaami
Benaami is the new debut book by author Anish Sarkar. Like the many other authors interviewed on this site, Anish is also an IIT-IIM graduate working as a top level... Read More -->


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