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stoned, crazy, insanely merry, laughs at about anything. not me, the santa, in the picture. I vent my rants here: and do some more here:!/GHz_lurker
Book Review : How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company By Varun Agarwal
Rating: 3.5/5 When he goes “I am not a writer but a story-teller’, he is not kidding. If you are reading the book with a literary outlook you will be... Read More -->
Unbounded : Interview With Varun Nair
Sound engineer/designer, mixer, self-proclaimed geek, Varun Nair is the guy you would often encounter strolling dedicatedly in the parks/gardens of Edinburg capturing raw sounds for his next best work. And... Read More -->
Author Talk : Varun Agarwal Of How I braved Anu Aunty And Co-founded A Million Dollar Company
How I braved Anu aunty and co-founded a million dollar company is Varun Agarwal ’s debut novel. In Varun’s words ‘this book is about how I co-founded my start-up with... Read More -->
5 Ways To Avoid Unwanted Conversations
A month before I flew down with a parchment belonging to the jewel encrusted crest of the archangel Raphael, who had major issues socially, he planted a stone on his... Read More -->
Being Sutiya
I am an Assamese , and I am not a Chutia . No, it’s not funny. And that’s what the world is coming at, when hundreds of accounts belonging to... Read More -->
Romanticising Lawn Tennis
The proud regal sport of the royals, the nobles and the princely: lawn tennis. For that matter any lawn sport. Admit it, at some point of time you were enticed... Read More -->
Tekk That!
4 ‘So-Dang-Cool’  And Also Useful Websites
Alright, may not be that cool. Yes, the screen won’t turn glossy, tufts of holly and mistletoes won’t pop out, nor will gulab-jaal be sprinkled on you through a jeweled... Read More -->
Peter Pun
Being an avid reader of classics, semi-classics, not-so-classics, not-at-all-classics, and living in the age where idiosyncrasies sell and actually not looked down as ‘is he like stupid?’ the author decides... Read More -->
Tekk That!
The Middle East: Ain't No Gaming N00b!
While the gaming global market is caving in with the cut-throat competition among different companies vouching to be the one, Middle East has different scenes happening. Private sector companies bashing... Read More -->
10 Things You Shouldn't Do At Internships
Every one of the three stiffly starched shirt/ collared kurti with horribly inapt jeans wearing being is an unfortunate trainee who is aware of his/her impending doom and ready to... Read More -->


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