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Ask The Sexpert : The Funniest
If you live in Mumbai and read the Mumbai Mirror then the title should be self sufficient for you. If not, first you slap yourself and curse your luck, then... Read More -->
Bollywood Superheroes : Lameness Personified
We did a cover story last month where we successfully established the fact that we are not so good at copying but yet we copy. Plagiarism is in our blood... Read More -->
Top Ten Tracks Of Amit Trivedi
" When God takes away A.R Rehman's good music, he gives you Amit Trivedi." - God At a time when Bollywood is having to look towards Yo Yo Honey Singh... Read More -->
Show Review : Bring On The Night
MTV has built quite a reputation in the recent years. A reputation of making absolutely crappy shows which apparently are ‘youth centric’. I really want to chipkao a few names... Read More -->
Top 10 Rock Songs of 2011
Quite honestly, I’m sick of doing lists. And this is the general consensus amongst the writers at Whackk ! But the problem is that you little worms like reading lists... Read More -->
The Rise And Fall Of Vada Pao
I am not even going to waste a sentence more on describing a Vada Pao. That would spell disrespect to this ingenious dish whose brilliance lies in its simplicity. Vada... Read More -->
Textual Jackasses - Girls
Flirting is an art, a game being played since the time when the world actually looked like a scene from 'Age of Empires'. It's a simple game involving two 'players'... Read More -->
The Making Of  A Pervert
Long time, long time. Did you miss us brash, politically incorrect, chauvinistic pigs? Yes? Grunts (Awww)! So we have been on a hiatus for some time now. This was all... Read More -->
Why Mumbai's new logo fails
Haters call Mumbai a lot of things. “Mumbai is dirty. It stinks. It’s overpopulated. It’s insensitive. It’s noisy”. We hear all these things and irrespective of our response, somewhere deep... Read More -->
Show Me Some LOVE Man!
Year : 2000 Neighborhood Uncle : so son, what are you studying? Boy : Uncle I’m doing my engineering! Uncle : Very nice! Come and visit us with your parents... Read More -->