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My name is Dhanesh Gandhi. I am a computer programmer by the day and terribly bored by the night. I eventually admitted to my self that I can never be a super hero. So I tend to write stuff which tickle my gray matter. I love politics, trashy movie, trashier movie stars, people,cricket,football and computers.

I hate apologists, paper towels, Radio jockeys,water filter conversations and a lot more. I hope to entertain my readers with my worthy literature. Or at least which I think is worthy. If not please feel free to rebuke, punch, scratch and kick me. I would like to hear your comments. I usually get people all worked up when they hear me speak or read. May be I should have a job at Gold's gym.But that is an after thought.

  Peace /m\

Gay Ho!
A few pointers before you read this piece. I wouldn’t pretend but I know nothing how gays feel about their status in our country. I have never interacted socially or... Read More -->
Why I Won’t Be A Competition To Hrithik Roshan
As soon as I saw Agneepath , I made a resolution to myself as I walked out of the theater. “Kal se Gym pakka” (Will hit the gym from tomorrow)... Read More -->
Sax And Kollywood
The author though flattered holds no responsibility if you were found sitting in a compromising position after reading the article. Read at your own risk. Deconstruction of the title: Most... Read More -->
News Feed
Disclaimer : Especially to the new readers. The following post is going to be immature, profanity laden, cryptic and might try too hard to be funny or in other words... Read More -->
Kkhel Kud!
The Rise And Rise of Manchester City
We believe enough has been and will be debated about the big four in the Barclays premier league. The latest results notwithstanding Man city are truly becoming a force to... Read More -->
Kkhel Kud!
6 Reasons For Arsenals Fall From Grace
After the 8-2 drubbing it’s almost an exercise in masochism to start writing about arsenal. A million or so pundits have brought down their verdict on how Arsenal has failed... Read More -->
Things Boys Do (When Drunk)
A friend of mine called me recently and commented that my articles were often directed at the fairer sex. It isn’t entirely my fault, if I had a dollar every... Read More -->
Live and Let Facebook
In recent past I have been reading quite a few articles about Facebook. On how it has grown into the social spectrum in itself and how people now don’t respect... Read More -->
Brouhaha Outside an Exam hall
As far as banal headings go, this is certainly top of the list. Like the one going on in New York “Occupy wall street”. I thought you need to be... Read More -->
Picture This!
There was a time when we exchanged floppy disks .They carried .htm files and pictures which celebrated women’s emancipation on a floppy disk. It could hardly hold 12 or 16... Read More -->