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In the tech space, products of the same line are expected to release at frequency of a year or more.  For example, the iPhone, the Nexus, the Galaxy phone/tabs etc. The upgraded versions for most popular devices are released after a year or so.

But some companies are also accused of ‘planned obsolescence’.  This means they intentionally make products only till the next p

roduct is released and hence you need to buy the next (new) product.  But sometimes the products are so bad that the firms just decide to pull the plug sooner than expected on the entire series. While we all come to know of the next big release of a popular product, these gadgets tend to fade away from public memory without much trace.

We found some really interesting gadgets that had their lifeline cut off sooner than expected. Some of the reasons for their demise may startle you. We only stuck to some of the more popular releases for the purpose of this article. If you know of any more, do tell us in the comments below. Now, here are the top 5 shortest lived gadgets :


5) Apple Powermac G4 Cube:

Survival Duration: 12 months



Don't confuse this apple gadget with the MAC PRO 2014

The Apple Powermac G4 Cube is a classic and lasted for exactly 12 months between July 2000 – 2001. When it was released it was said 'The G4 cube is simply the coolest computer ever'. Well, at least according to Steve Jobs, it was. But a year later it turned out that most customers decided to buy the powerful mac g4 mini towers instead, according to Phil Schiller (Philip W. Schiller is the senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple) 2001 this announced the death of the  Apple Powermac G4 Cube.


4) Google Nexus Q  :

Survival Duration: 12 months

Right now you must think that Google almost never does anything wrong but unfortunately this isn't the case. In the world of fast developing tech even the giants are bound to eat dust.

I'm sure we all remember this gadget, it's the one Google had made a big noise about by stating how it was going to change our media consumption; however this didn't last for long. This gadget was cut off 1 year after its birthday. The Google play movies app was specially announced to be the only app that would support the device (they were trying to push their eco system). An app update came out for it exactly 365 days after its birthday and broke compatibility with it.

3) HP Touch pad

Survival Duration: 47 days

What we have here is a kind of a breakthrough product of its time in the tablet segment, or that’s what HP felt about their ‘HP Touchpad’. This piece of technology lasted for just 47 days, but the demand for it aroused when people found a way to power the device with android and there was a major rise in demand. This was really sad as the device had less demand for it for when it was manufactured as compared to the hike it had after the plug was pulled from it.

2) HTC first

Survival Duration: 30 days

If you think that was short, here is a device which only lasted 30 days. That’s one month, 1/12th of the one year that we expect devices to last. This was HTC first (remember the Facebook phone by HTC).  The firm refused to accept it but when you drop a $100 phone to just 99 cents (that’s a 99% price drop), that’s pretty much accepting its death. To put this into perspective, even the HTC Cha Cha sold for more than that.

You might now wonder, what is there that will last shorter than 30 days in the tech world.


1) The Cisco Flip Live

Survival Duration: Aborted before birth

Remember those flip cameras everyone used to buy as they were really reasonably priced. They were very popular among bloggers and Youtubers since it was very light, handy and worked really well.
So Cisco decided to take over flip and made an announcement to launch an additional line up to the flip cameras. They decided to call it the ‘Flip Live’, which will be a new camera which will have wifi, Bluetooth built in and some software integration which will allow you to talk to the computer and will allow you to stream video from the camera.

So they lined it up and announced the launch on April 13th that year. Weeks passed on but one day before the launch day, on April 12th, Cisco decided to shut down the entire Flip division. They shut it down and fired 550 employees and chopped the whole arm of the Cisco branch that was the flip company. That makes it the worst gadget with a life span of -1 (negative one) day. And this is how they’ve earned the number one spot on this infamous list.

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