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The Samsung S5 is the giant’s 2014 flagship device. This phone is by no means new to the community and the net of course is flooded with all sorts of reviews and v/s videos.

So lets look at the top 6 things that you probably didn’t know about the Samsung S5. To make it more interesting, I will be comparing some of it’s features with the other options of getting it (I mean besides buying the phone).

Let’s run through some of the selected features of the Samsung galaxy S5/

6. Download booster:


I’d like to start with this one as this is one of the unique (If not the only one) features in the phone. If i had to explain what this feature does in simple words, i would say it provides ‘double fire power’ for your phone while downloading large files.

Usually when we download a file we either do it via WiFi or cellular network but with the Samsung S5 you have the opportunity to download the file using both your WiFi & cellular data.

This feature may seem gimmicky but it works well when you’re like one of those people whose WiFi speed is slower than their cellular data speed preferably those who are using 3G.

Love it or hate it this one is a unique innovation in term of features.

Now let’s move to the next one...

5. Toolbox:

Do you remember Facebook chat heads? Yes those annoying things that you can move around the screen when someone pings you.

So Samsung used this same tech to their favor. They call it ‘Tool box’

You can choose up to 5 apps as favourites, which will appear on your screen in the form of a white circle. The ‘tool box’ is kind of handy as it enables the user to quickly switch between apps and saves the time to go through the app drawer.

Let me point out that this is not an innovation or a new feature from any angle. This is available on a number of ROMs in the android community but since that involves rooting one can also resort to a number of launchers with similar feature.

This next one is particularly another good one. I like this one more because Samsung has actually used the AMOLED screen in a sensible way.

4. Ultra power saver:

The battery back up on the S5 is good considering it has a 2800 mAh. a normal user can take on the clock using this phone where as a power user will need to plug in the charger just in time for bed.

Since the Samsung galaxy S5 uses an AMOLED screen, a power user can get slightly more battery usage by using black wallpapers/backgrounds where ever possible. The thing about AMOLED screen is that where ever there is a black coloured area on the screen the pixels on that area are off (unlike IPS and LCD screens where black areas are still lit as a result of which ‘blacks appear as  dark grey’) This is also the reason why or how AMOLEDS display such vibrant colours.

Samsung has exploited this aspect of the amoled and plugged it in their Ultra power saver mode.

The ultra power saving mode strips the phone to its monochromatic bare bones. limiting you to some apps and settings and enabling the user to go on for a couple of more hours till he can get some juice.

3. ISOCELL Camera:

This basically means this new addition brings 16MP of power to the camera of 13MP. The camera app doesn’t look any different from the original one on the galaxy S4 just a few options have been added to it.

Another feature in the camera is the ‘selective focus’ with the mode on you can focus on the main subject and then it’ll take a couple of pictures (do note that the processing will take a lil’ bit longer) once the shot is taken you can choose which part of the picture you want to be in focus and the app will blur out the other areas (how ever most of the times the object in focus shows signs of blurriness)

The ISOCELL camera doesn’t let you down here as the pictures are extremely detailed and vibrant.

2. Heart rate sensor and Finger scanner:

This feature is one which the Galaxy S5 could do without. The heart rate scanner just displays the user’s heart rate, that’s all it does. Unless you want to check your heart rate every now and the user can definitely do without.

Finger scanner:

Samsung must have pushed this feature at the last moment, you know, once Apple announced their finger print scanner.

The reason why i think this was a last minute decision is because this finger scanner doesn’t work, not just while using the finger scanner but even while setting it up. Samsung claims to have apps from the store which will make use of this feature but to be honest if the scanner can’t undertake basic tasks like unlocking a phone or for that matter just setting it up, then there is no sense in increasing the capabilities of that function.

1. TouchWiz/My magazine:

Another feature which was inspired from another Flagship phone.

The My Magazine is similar if not the same as the HTC BlinkFeed (Honestly, I feel ‘My Magazine’ is exactly like Blink feed)

The TouchWizat first seems like the ‘same old same old’ but the difference is seen when you move left from the home screen called the ‘my magazine’

This app is supposed to be a news aggregator it takes most if the content off Flipboard and you may not like the extent to which it piggy backs off Flipboard. Even casual  users of Flipboard will not be happy to know that they own set up notifications don’t filter through the my magazine screen, instead it pulls from a curated list of categorical offerings and your social media outlets. More freedom of choice would definitely help ‘My Magazine’

The new looks of TouchWizis refreshing for sure, the word round the web is that Google had asked Samsung to do so (may be this is the reason for the new look)

Whatever may the reason be we aren’t complaining. Samsung either way will not shy away from loading our phones with unnecessary bloatware.

Samsung if you want to push your bloatware, atleast give them an option to be ‘uninstalled’

All in all the Samsung Galaxy S5 is not a new phone perse, its merely an small upgrade from the Samsung Galaxy S4. 

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